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We all hear that "organic" is always better but more expensive so is it really worth paying the price for organic products and what's the difference in organic cotton / non organic cotton and do you really need to use organic products especially for your baby. 

I was recently sent a selection of *Organyc products to try out for myself and my baby for Organic September. So unlike most feminine care brands Organyc actually contains no SAPs (super absorbent powders), synthetics and no wood pulb and for hygiene they only bleach in hydrogen peroxide which is a natural occurring disinfectant. Organyc is made with organic cotton.

I had no idea that many of our "go to" brands are made with material that is bleached with chlorine by product dioxin...which means we may be exposed to small but detectable levels of this toxin when ever we use pads / tampons that are chlorine beached. It all sounds a little scary the more you research into this to be honest and the thought of using this on my baby's delicate skin is frightening.

Organic cotton is grown using materials and methods with the purpose of reducing the impact on our environment as well as preserving the natural equilibrium between the many components of the ecosystem. Organic farming uses bio-rational products and bio control agents for pest management. Products have been grown and handled according to strict and safe procedures.

So...yes organic products can seem a little pricey when compared to your classic brands but I think it's worth stocking up when products are on sale and I will definitely be stocking up for my baby's arrival.

All the products can be purchased easily here and it's all reasonably priced.

Do you always buy organic or just grab what ever is the cheapest / on deal when it comes to these products?


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