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Ever since I was young I have always suffered with dry skin or the occasional eczema patch at the back of my knees or elbow, I blame it on our weather, heating during the winter period and the hard water in the South Coast. When ever I am on holiday or I am back at my parents in Hong Kong I instantly feel the difference in my skin. Often humidity in Hong Kong makes my skin look glowly and the water makes my skin / hair feel so smooth after a few days and eczema doesn't exist.
To mark 40 years of the National Eczema Society *Aveeno brand have spoken to one of the UK's well known media doctors Dr Rob Hicks. This years Eczema week which took place in December Rob shares his top tips on the importance of a daily skin care routine in the successful management of dry, eczema prone skin. He also explains how parents can support / teach their children in the self management of their skin from an early age.

Dr Rob Hicks top skincare tips for the dry / eczema prone skin.
1. Avoid bathing too often as it can strip the skin of its protective oils and dry it out. When you towel dry your skin take extra care and just pat gently rather than rubbing.

2. Moisturise, moisturise and moisturise. Carry a small pot around so you have it to hand when ever you need it. When you have the urge to scratch just apply the cream.

3. Use bath oil like Aveeno Oil to keep your skin hydrated. You can either pour it in the bath or after shower gel just rub it all over your body and allow it to soak it. I love this oil because it's non greasy and I love using this to keep my bum moisturised and soft.

4. Children - keep their nails short so it causes less damage if they scratch in their sleep.

5. Children - reading relevant books together to help them develop and understanding of their skin at an early age. Aveeno's book below is perfect, it's colourful and the story will put any kid into routine on looking after their skin!

I have been using Aveeno for over a year now their lotion is perfect for summer because it's light easily absorbed and light formula. For winter their award winning cream is perfect as it's fragrance free and suitable for babies age 3 months and over. Instead of buying a different cream for each family member the whole family can use it. I have only just tried their hand cream and I love it, I recommended this brand to my colleague a while back and she loves the hand cream. My skin just got use to the previous brand I was using so it wasn't doing much, soon as I switched over I felt the difference immediately.

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