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As a first time mum when it comes to picking products to use on your baby it can often seem confusing as there are simply lots of brands on the market telling you why their products it the one to buy and there are too many choices. I was recently contacted by *Bennetts to pick a few items from their range to try out for when my baby arrives. I agreed because their products are colour and fragrance free which was slightly different and most important of all it's VERY affordable and it's available to purchase from online Superdrug or at your local Asda or Morrison store.

I picked 3 items from their range which included the Baby Aqueous Cream, Aqueous Bath drops and their award winning Baby Bum Creme which has been announced best baby bum creme by UK Mum's TV and was voted mums love award on Baby world.

Baby Aqueous Cream
This is a moisturiser for the whole body but what I like about this product is that it can be used as an alternative to soap to gently bath baby which sounded interesting and slightly different.

Aqueous Bath Drops
Pour 5-10ml into bath water, the product dissolves and soaks into the skin quickly. It can also be used to massage into baby's skin after bath as a massage oil which helps them relax and sleep better. The words "helps them relax and sleep better" instantly caught my eye!

Baby Bum Creme
Obviously essential to prevent nappy rash and its formulated in a water repellent base which forms a barrier between the wet nappy and baby's skin. I've also been told this is great for yourself if you get the odd spot as the creme will reduce the inflammation making the spot disappear quickly - double uses! The product also gives your skin the extra zinc which is essential for healing making it must for razor burns, new tattoos and sunburn.

I am looking forward to trying all these products out very soon, what I will do is once I get into the swing of things I will share a post with a round up of all my favourite proudcts.


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