LIFESTYLE: Mindful And Conscious Eating

In the last 5 years or so we are becoming conscious consumers and by that I mean we are moving away from the endless ready meals / take outs and we have more of a sense of awareness about the food contents, origin and the quality of the food we eat. People are wanting more and more of a healthier lifestyle. We are disliking food wastage more and more, responsible and sustainability are pretty high on people's list of priorities when it comes to the food they eat.
Conscious and mindful eating are not the same thing but they share similar principals. A conscious consumer wants to know where their food is coming from and rejects unnatural products - that is not me. A mindful eater retrains their mind to consider the benefits of food as they consume it, leading to better diet choices - this is me. To get the most from your food, you can combine the two ideas and redefine the way you eat. 

By doing so, you can enjoy the following benefits: 
• It can help prevent type 2 diabetes. Mindful eating also slows you down and makes you question your eating style. 
• It prevents binge eating, conscious, mindful eating helps stop binge eating.
• It helps avoid overeating in restaurants. Mindfulness from a consumer perspective can reduce that guilty feeling after...I am sure we have all felt that after a big slice of chocolate cake.

Try incorporating the following questions into your lifestyle:
What am I eating?
What is the origin of my food?
Why are we eating it?
How will eating make me feel?

Being pregnant this has certainly got me thinking about the sorts of food I am eating. I am generally healthy drinking lots of water and eating a good amount of fruit but not varied however I think on some days I do lack veg. I am generally not a fussy eater which makes things a lot easier. In the last 2 weeks my appetite has gone through the roof in that when I am eating I am already thinking about the next meal or where we are eating at the weekend and I never seem full. Having the questions above will certainly help me through my last trimester and hopefully eating even more healthier.

The questions above are easy starting points for slowing down your eating habits. If you can answer these with integrity, then you have taken the first step to practising mindful and healthy eating habits. It is suggested to prepare your food mindfully then you will be eating better than ever before without resorting to restrictive diets.

Conscious eaters and those with food allergies can use *Vital Footprint’s Eatjoy app to connect with restaurants and food outlets that cater for a variety of dietary needs. 


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