LIFESTYLE: Tips On Winding Down Before Bed And Sleeping Well Every Night

Being able to sleep well has never been a problem for me no matter what situation and it could well be to do with my routine so I thought it would be a great post to share with you all. I always hear how people struggle to sleep and I really cannot understand why and it's probably the same with those people wondering how I sleep so well each night. There are simple things you can do which may or may not help you sleep better but these are the things that I do and work well for me so it's worth you trying if you do struggle to sleep at night. 

The most important thing is working out a routine that works for you and this is usually around your working hours / social life etc.. the main thing is sticking to it more or less. A bedtime routine / ritual teaches the brain to become familiar with sleep / wake times. Most adults need between 6-9 hours (8-9 for me during week day and extra naps during weekends).

Winding Down 
  • This is the bit people don't do but it's so important in preparing for bed and there are many ways of relaxing.
  • A warm bath will help your body reach a temperature that is ideal for rest. Read my post on "Pamper Time To Relax Those Aching Muscles" post.
  • Writing down "To Do" list for rest of the week or just the next day can help to clear your mind so that you are not constantly thinking or worrying about forgetting something. I am always writing down these lists either for work, blog or errands.
  • Relaxation exercises such as simple stretches can help relax the muscles. I often just do yoga stretches or simple warm up of the muscles and it feels so good after. Often it can help release knots around your body.
  • Reading a book will relax your mind, people often read a few chapters before bed but for me I like to read the gossip column online on my ipad. Watching TV is a no no as I know a lot of people do as this wakes your brain up and get rid of that TV in your bedroom you don't need it.

  • Creating a relaxing environment is just as important and I very much like to create the hotel feel in my bedroom.
  • Clutter free - nothing worse than having a messy room, minimal is key to relaxing for me personally. There's a reason why people love staying in hotels it's because it's tidy, minimal and relaxing.
  • Bed sheets - I love crisp white ironed bedsheets and they must be changed weekly. I always find I sleep so much better with fresh sheets. I am picky with bedsheets they must be Egyptian cotton with at least 600 thread count. I like to purchase mine from John Lewis it's one of those things once you up your thread count you will never go back down! John Lewis are currently offering various discounts including up to 50% off furniture and accessories.
  •  Mattress - this is so important to have a good mattress to support your body, surprisingly a mattress can affect your sleep and health. If you are in the market for a new mattress, make sure you don’t forget to check online. Various reputable online retailers, including companies such as Bedstar, regularly have deals on.  A new mattress might get rid of your stress or if you keep tossing and turning at night as it might be a sign you need a new one. It's definitely worth buying a slightly more expensive better one that will last longer than to go for the cheapest. Look out for clearance offers so you can grab yourself a bargain!
  • Blackout Curtains - these are a must to keep your room nice and dark esp at the weekends to help you sleep in longer. Nothing worse than having curtains that let the light in especially during the summer months.
  • Fresh Air - people don't often realise this one but open your bedroom window wide at least 1 hour before bed so you get some nice crisp fresh air in your room. Nothing worse than having a stuffy room and by having fresh air in your room you will feel extra snug under the duvet before bed. I generally open the window wide then leave a gap throughout the night and I sleep so well.
  • Glass of hot water - this is a weird one of mine in that I like to drink a glass of hot water before bed and I see this as a bit of a detox before bed so this one probably isn't for everyone.
Do you guys have any sleeping tips to share with me, do you have trouble sleeping at night and if you do what do you do?


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