MY PREGNANCY: Earth Friendly Baby Collection

A while back you may remember reading my post very popular post on Lansinoh talking about Lanolin / Nursing Pads and their incredible Hot or Cold Therapy pads. Lansinoh also have a fairly large range of *Earth Friendly Baby natural and organic products (I also recently wrote about Organic Cotton) for you and your baby. Well its for the little one but I am sure the bubble bath / body lotion can be shared! Their lavender range smells so relaxing, reminds me very much of Loccitane bubble bath I use that it will send anyone to sleep. I love my sleep so when the little one arrives I will just have to get use to sleeping less or I do everything I can to ensure the little one sleeps as much as me!!!
Earth Friendly Baby products are over 99% natural and over 50% organic which makes the products kind and gentle. I think initially in the first 6-8 weeks I won't be using any products except Aloe Vera wipes or even just warm water / cotton then slowly moving onto these natural products. 

Once I move onto the products it will be a small blog of the Calming Lavender Bubble Bath while running the water then using the Calming Lavender Shampoo & Bodywash for the body / hair then finishing off with either the Calming Lavender Body Lotion or the Shea Massage Oil. I am particular excited about the massage oil as I have had friends to massage daily after bath and it's suppose to do wonders in relaxing and sending them to sleep. I tried a bit of the oil on my hand, it's moisture rich so you only need a little to glide over the skin and it's not heavily scented.

I always say this but I prefer purchasing products that are easily accessible on the high street rather than having to order online. When you run out you just need to be able to pop to your local supermarket or in town to pick up more. Earth Friendly Baby can be picked up in your local Asda, Boots, Tesco, Mothercare, John Lewis etc...for the full list is here. I also noticed they are on offer in Boots today saving £2 on every item so definitely worth trying - just click on the products below.


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