PART 1: Tula's Pets At Home Nutrition Appointment

Last week I took Tula to our local Pets At Home for her Nutrition Consultation which is free in all Pets At Home stores for cats and dogs. Just over a year ago we had to take her in for an emergency appointment at Companion Care inside Pets At Home because she was vomiting up blood and ended up on a drip etc - read my post here. Turns out that she needs to be fed little and frequent but because she's so fussy with food it's been difficult and we have ended up keeping her on prescribed food which is really costly in the long run but if she's eating we didn't really care as it was a lot cheaper than a vet bill for sure. 
So we booked her in advance for her appointment to discuss other food options for her to try. I never knew if she disliked anything we purchase from the premium section (high meat content) and she doesn't like it we can actually take it back to store for a refund. If I had known this from the start we probably would have tried a lot more!!!

Anyway we spent around 45 minutes talking through what we think she likes, what we have tried and what we wanted from the food etc... I was recommended a few options for her to try and I picked 3 different brands for her to try all high in meat content so we are feeding her quality dog food - Wainwrights Chicken and Rice / Pets At Home Advanced Nutrition Chicken and Barking Heads Dry Food and Barking Heads Fuss Pot.

I am looking forward to giving these a try, hopefully she will like them all so it gives us a few options when purchasing food for her and it gives her a bit of variety so she's not eating the same all the time!

"Changing your pet's diet can have a huge effect on their quality of life - as well as improving their overall health you'll also notice an improved skin and coat, smaller and firmer stools, and even a rise in their energy levels. While normal pet food can sometimes contain a number of unidentified ingredients, a change to Natural or Advanced Nutrition food can help you tailor their diet to suit their needs. Simply book an appointment below to see one of our in-store trained nutrition consultants and receive an exclusive discount voucher* +(T&Cs apply) to use for your recommended food. They can also advise on the right food for your dog or cat’s lifestage." 

Nutrition Consultation appointments are free at your local Pets At Home - click here to find out more.


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