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When it comes to skin care it's all pretty much the same, if I find something that works for me I rarely change unless I find it's stopped working My last "Home Mini Facial Update" was over a year ago and I am still using some of the same products with a few minor changes. I thought it would be good to share what I am currently using with you all.
If I wear make up I tend to do the usual 2 step cleanse starting off with Biore make up remover cleansing oil. It's cheap and it removes all make up even waterproof mascara etc...I think I am on my 6th bottle now. Once that is first step is done I then use La Roche Posay gel cleanser along with my clarisonic to remove any remaining traces of make up.

Face Peel
I am currently loving *Merumaya face peel its so easy and convenient to use. Apply a thick layer over your face and leave for up to 10 minutes then wash off with their cleansing cloth. I use this instead of a face scrub twice a week and it leave my skin feeling super soft and it removes all the dead skin without rubbing / scrubbing. When applied on you do feel a slight tingling feel but its fine the product is working it's magic. Highly recommend this for all skin types esp if you have sensitive skin where it irritates easily when you rub the small granules all over your face. I was using another peel previously but it was more than twice the price of this one and they both do the same job, this is great value for money.

"All skins look brighter and clearer and make up application is vastly improved.  Dry skins absorb treatments and moisturisers so they are more effective. Oily skins appear less sallow and pores are more refined without stripping the skin.  Problem skins are less likely to experience congestion and blockages caused by dead skin cells and this helps to prevent spots.  Everyone wins... it is a must-have, must-do treatment to restore a more youthful appearance and vital glow.  Retexturises all skin types to reveal a clearer, brighter, more vibrant complexion."

Face Masks
My 2 current favourites are the Origins Drink Up and Mudd both of which have their own uses. Drink up is a moisture boost, I like to use this all over my face twice a week after face peel as I find the product sinks / absorbs into my skin better. Mudd mask is natural mudd its very good for soaking in oils on your face carrying out a deep clean. I tend to use my peel then apply this to soak up any left over dirt then apply drink up after for moisture. Or sometimes I apply drink up all over my face and Mudd on my nose area only as I need more attention in that area.
La Roche Posay again and only because boots offer 3 for 2 on proudcts but I don't really notice much difference with toners. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Day / Night Cream
For day I love Lancome renegie, I have been using this for a few years now. Every time I move over to something else it's just not moisturising enough for me and I end up getting dry patches. For night cream it's back to Merumaya and I am still testing it out will let you know how I get on later and if it will be a repurchase.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the products just click on the pictures below.

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