CAREER TIPS: Simple & Easy Things You Can Do To Improve Your Social Media Presence

These "Careers Tips" posts have been so popular here is a round of the recent ones.

This post is all about the simple and easy things you can do to improve your social media presence. I think when everyone starts the job hunt the main thing you think about is to creating the perfect CV / resume and possibly a covering letter along with a Linkedin profile and that's about it. However a lot of employers also like to do a quick search around Facebook, Twitter and possibly Instagram  to see what else they can find out about you. I think Twitter / Instgram might be a little more difficult as most people tend to use a user name rather than their full time, so leaving your Facebook profile "open" for all to browse around is a big NO! If you do decide to leave your profile open or half open for people to browse then you need to make your profile more appealing and there are some simple rules you can follow to do that.

1. Photo Clean Up
This has been mentioned many times! You really don't want your potential employer to see photos of you drunk on the floor / half dressed so best to keep these photos in your account as private so only your friends can see them. To sum it up if there are any photos you have loaded up or photos you are tagged in that are shared as "public" it's best to make them private.

2. Privacy Settings
This leads us nicely onto this topic of privacy settings. If you have photos you want to keep on your Facebook for example then it's to make sure you go through all your privacy settings and ensure those are kept private. A lot of people actually don't realise how much they are sharing with the public so go through all the settings and decide which things you want shown to public and which to your connection / friends. If you are unsure which things to keep private and which to share just put yourself in the recruiter / HR shoes what sort of things you want to see, what things you don't want to see and what puts you off etc...

3. Professional Email Address
My hubby's been picked up on this one when I first met him he was on the job hunt. It was actually the recruitment agency who asked him to create a more professional email address with his name on. To sum this one up use your name in your email address and make sure you use a respectable provider such as gmail.

4. Your Profile Touch Up
It really doesn't take long to complete your profile and I think it's more so important on Linkedin, however more and more recruiters turn to Facebook to recruit so you could get head hunted on there if your profile is completed including things like where you live eg: London / Surrey and the name to the company you work for or even your job title. Keep it clean / tidy and include a few extra things that may catch their eye.

5. Google Yes Google
Have you ever Googled your name to see what comes up? You never know...something embarrassing may pop up that you were tagged in that you were not aware off.... If anything does come up it's worth looking closely at the info and see where it came from and if / how you can delete it.


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