CAREER TIPS: Top 5 Things To Avoid Posting On Social Media As A Job Seeker

In continuing with my Career Tips section of my blog I thought the next good one to write about is the sorts of things to avoid posting on social media as a job seeker. If you missed my last post on "How Your Blog Can Help Your Career And Job Search" you can read it here.

As with all things social media can be amazing for your job search or it can do the complete opposite.

1. Bitching About Colleagues / Employer
Negative comments about current / previous employers or even colleagues are a no no. As much as it feels good to have a moan and vent this is something you should definitely avoid doing. Yes I know sometimes it helps to get it off your chest and wait for the comments but if your future employer does a quick search and see it then it can be very off putting.

2. Photos
By this I mean "unprofessional" photos so this could be you completely drunk and collapsed on the floor on a night out. Best to keep those photos private!

3. No Social Media Presence
This may get your people wondering why....I mean come on everyone's at least got a Facebook profile these days even if its hardly used. Is it not a little strange to not have any social media presence?

4. Whinging And Whining 
No one wants to work with someone who is always moaning about something. Never use social media to complain about every little thing that is annoying you, we don't want hourly updates just think about what people are thinking when they read it.

5. Controversial Comments
Commenting / expressing controversial or strong political views can be dangerous territory. There is a big chance that a lot of people may take offence and not agree with you and before you know it you are having a heated argument with a number of people online.


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