DEGUSTA SUBSCRIPTION OCTOBER BOX: Breakfast Lunch Snack In One Box | Kabuto | Provena Porridge

I have been receiving *Degusta boxes for a few months now and I have to say this month is my favourite. Instead of doing the usual post where you just take a photo of all the products and sharing it I decided to take photos of what I actually do with each of the products. Looking at all the products there are ingredients for breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and even pudding.
First off I started my morning with a warm bowl of Provena Gluten free instant oat meal apricot porridge. The instructions suggests for you to use water but I don't need to eat gluten free so I mixed in my usual full fat milk and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes until creamy. To ensure I am eating enough fruit I also threw in a few of The Snack Organisation freeze dried apricots and chopped up a fresh banana. I really enjoyed this so much in that I had the same 2 days in a row over the weekend. As the mornings get colder I think I will switch from cereal to porridge to lock in the hunger longer while at work.
For lunch we have a Kabuto Noodles in chicken ramen flavour. I am a huge fan of Japanese pot noodles so I was excited to try this brand having seen it in Waitrose before.
As afternoon approaches at work I am feeling a little peckish so I opened up The Chip Strips and shared it around the office! My colleague tells me these are actually discounted to £1 in One Stop right now. They come in a variety of flavours, I received 2 packs sweet paprika and salt & vinegar. I actually took the 2nd pack home so I am not sharing anymore haha.
Over the weekend whilst catching up on some blog work I opened up The Snack Organisation Sweet Chilli Rice Crackers, I have to say these are very good!!!!! It's one of those snacks that are addictive and the more you eat the more spicy it gets yet you can't stop yourself from eating more. I would definitely repurchase these again.

If you would like to give these boxes a try or perhaps order one as a Christmas present for someone then I have a discount code to share with you that gives you £6 off.

Discount Code: BLDEG15

A few photos from the previous boxes to share with you all.
September Box
August Box
 July Box


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