MY HOME: What Is Your Dream Kitchen? (Flooring | Appliances | Lighting | Granite Kitchen Top | Modern/Cottage Kitchen)

Kitchens are definitely one of those things you show more interest in as you get older especially when you are buying your own home. The kitchen is the heart of the family home, its where everyone gathers together and having a nice kitchen is so important however they are not cheap but families are willing to invest in a large sum for their "Dream Kitchen". When designing your kitchen there are 5 aspects to focus on: worktops, appliance, flooring, lighting and the style of kitchen. 
Certainly when we picked our apartment kitchen and bathroom were important to me and I wanted a modern clean looking kitchen with plenty of storage and it was important we had a dishwasher / washer dryer and fridge freezer all tucked away to give it that clean spacious and tidy look, as you can see above we got exactly that! The tiled flooring was a bonus and I have to say they are so easy to clean even though they are a little cold on the feet during the winter but it's fine. You can see more of my home updates / home decor posts  in My Home section. Mayfair granite reached out to 1000 UK home owners and asked what was important to them in 5 areas: lighting, style of kitchen, worktops, flooring and appliances.n. 
Flooring show I have one of the most popular flooring choices tiles, I assume because it's tidy looking and super hard waring and you won't have to worry about it looking old over a period of time.
The results for the top flooring are:
Tiles – 32%
Vinyl – 25%
Laminate – 22%
Hardwood – 13%
Sealed Cork – 8%
For kitchen I would have loved one of those rang ovens but they are very rare in apartments so the electric one was just as good as they are easy to wipe over to clean. We have our nespresso machine that my other half loves when he's doing his studies. Kitchen aid would be nice but I don't think I bake enough to justify one and boiling water tap...I didn't even know such thing existed!
Range oven – 29%
Smart fridge freezer – 22%
Kitchen Aid – 18%
Boiling water tap – 18%
Coffee machine – 13%
Granite kitchen surface would be the ultimate luxury so I am not surprised granite comes up top with a whooping 39%. It is expensive but you have to remember it's expensive for a reason and its pure luxury for any kitchen. 
The results for top worktops are:
Granite – 39%
Quartz – 32%
Laminate – 13%
Hardwood – 11%
Stainless steel – 5%
For lighting we have have at least 12 spot lights however it's not the most popular choice coming in at 3rd favourite. They are great for highlighting areas that you are working however they can be costly as they use up lots of electric. 
Recessed lights – 33%
Pendant lights – 26%
Spot lights – 17%
Over cabinet lights – 16%
Fluorescent lights – 8%
Lastly we have the style of kitchen for the city I certainly think modern is the choice however if you are living in the country then cottage style would be more appropriate so it really depends on your home and what suits it the most.
The results for the top flooring are:
Modern – 26%
Traditional – 21%
Country cottage – 20%
Transitional – 18%
Shaker Kitchen – 15%

So what is your dream kitchen and do you agree with the results shown above?


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