MY PREGNANCY: Enjoy Every Moment | 28 WEEKS (7 Months) Update

Time is flying by and I am actually just over 7 months by the time this post goes live. If you missed my 6 months update you can read it here. The last 2 weeks we have been busy shopping getting everything together, with me being so organised I had already collected a wish list for places like John Lewis and Amazon so it was pretty straight forward when it came to ordering because I knew exactly what I needed. I have been keeping an eye on prices for nappies and managed to pick up a really good deal surprisingly from Boots which saved me around £25 but I will talk more about that in another post - love a good bargain!

How Far Along: 28 weeks / 7 months

My Bump: The bump is still a very good round shape slightly pointy but overall it actually still looks neat which I am happy about!

Weight Change: Pre-pregnancy = 7 stone 5lbs. Today = 9 stone 7lbs Yes the weight is piling on pretty quickly now however I don't really feel it at all. Still able to to all the usual without any problems but obviously taking more care. Not really feeling clumsy just yet....

Sleep: Still sleeping very well no change to the previous update at 6 months. For those of you who struggle to sleep at night then you need to read my post on "Tips on winding down before bed and sleeping well every night". I am also using the pregnancy and feeding pillow which gives me even more added comfort which is great however not so great during the weekday getting up for work when it's still dark!

Stretch Marks? None yet and I don't think I will get any either from looking at my belly. I have to say it's at it's smoothest ever right now! When I touch my belly then my leg you can feel a HUGE difference in how soft and moisturised my belly is right now. You may remember me saying in my last update since I found out I was expecting I started using Aveeno straight away. I cannot explain how great this stuff is and no way would I bother spending lots of money expensive products that smell amazing but doesn't really do much to your skin. 

Symptoms: I am always going for a pee but that's fairly normal and not really a problem. Also remembering to walk slowly as everything is getting rather loose in preparation for delivery so I need to be careful not to pull anything and I always forget I am expecting.

Cravings: Nothing to report on either except I am eating lots and my tummy rumbles literally every 4 hours and I need to remember to eat little and often rather than huge portions each time.

Miss Anything? Still the same Sushi, soft boiled eggs and parmesan since it's not pasteurised NHS guideline is to avoid it so I am..Oh and also oysters we were in London the other week and I had to watch hubby eat happy hour £1 oysters at Wright Brothers booo.... good job we went after our afternoon tea session at Lancasters so I wasn't hungry. Also a little annoying red meat like steak needs to be well done but if the meat cut is good quality its ok but I still prefer my red meat a little red.

Best Moment This Week: Our nursery is starting to take shape having brought everything and just dumping it in our spare room. I spent some time clearing out my clothes and gathering a bag for charity but I feel like I literally have no clothes left to wear now. Since we have purchased all our essential I have started looking into buying a few bits to decorate the room so it's slowly taking shape. I have also started attending Pregnancy Yoga which is absolutely amazing, I will share a post on this next week.

Worse Moment This Week: We have a comfy sofa at work where we have lunch and there is a TV there to chill out...sometimes if I am eating left over dinner for lunch it can feel a little heavy making me sleepy after lunch and not wanting to get back to my desk to work. It's hardly a worse moment but something to share.

Maternity Clothes: Legging and maternity stretchy tops is all I wear these days, for me it's all about comfort...now is not the time to be worrying about comfort or going out buying a new wardrobe since I only have 2 months left.

Movement: Plenty of routine movement. I have to say the little ones routine is in sync with my routine in that she wakes up around 7am for a bit and sleeps until lunch then wriggles a bit and sleeps until I finish work and fairly active rest of the evening until midnight. I haven't been woken up just yet from movement but we shall see...

Belly Button In / Out: In

Wedding Ring On / Off: On but I can see the fingers are getting a little chubby but still no problems putting it on and taking it off for now.

Looking Forward to: Finishing off the nursery and thinking about packing my hospital bag etc and getting organised. I am such an organised freak but when I am organised my mind is relaxed which is probably why I never have trouble sleeping because I never had loads on my mind. For me its important to stay relaxed if I am not then it may affect everything else.

Mood: Still the same very happy, relaxed and very much enjoying my pregnancy journey.

My updates are not the most interesting but some of you enjoy reading it so I will continue to do it monthly and see how it goes. Also a bit of maternity OOTD - black soft touch ASOS maternity vest, grey cardigan Petit Bateau and black over bump soft touch ASOS leggings.

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