PART 2: Tula's Pets At Home Nutrition Appointment

Last month I booked Tula in for a Nutrition Appointment at Pets at home to see if they can help and advise for my fussy pooch Tula. If you missed my Part 1 post you can find it here (Nutrition Appointment Pets At Home). We spent a good amount of time talking to the advisor trying to work out what she does enjoys eating and try to introduce a few more options for her since she is such a fussy dog. We came away with a few options and we have been testing them out over the last 4 weeks and we have a clear winner of what she likes. It seems she likes food that are more like human food such as the Wainwright and less interested the Pets At Home Advance Nutrition because its very much standard dog food and doesn't really smell the most appealing. She literally scoffs this down but we do need to rotate the food so change it back to her usual after 2 tins so there is a bit of variety...bit like us humans really!
We have to feed her little and often so it's 3 meals a day spread out and we tend to mix in wet and dry food together then warming it up in the microwave for 5 seconds....you see how fussy she is!! Since moving her onto the Wainwright she has literally been scoffing the food down and licking the bowl clean. Now that we know she loves Wainwright we will be buying some of the other flavours for her to try and see how she gets on. 
Pets At Home Free Nutrition Appointment is definitely worth doing especially if you have a fussy dog like Tula. We wouldn't have picked up Wainwright if we were picking ourselves. We want to be feeding quality / reasonably priced dog food and there are plenty of food on the market that have very low meat content which isn't very good for your pet in my opinion so I am really glad to have booked tula in to speak to the specialist there and I would highly recommend it for any pet owner.
 Looking rather smug after dinner and she just wants to play with her toys.
 Nap is always needed after food!


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