MY PREGNANCY: Every Day Is Flying By... | 32 WEEKS (8 Months) Update

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My Pregnancy 7 month update

It's a little late but here is the latest update for you all....not the best photo either and for some reason the bump looks pointy when it's actually very round!

How Far Along: 32 weeks / 8 months

My Bump: Getting bigger but still don't feel huge or struggling to walk around or anything like that

Weight Change: Pre-pregnancy = 7 stone 5lbs. Today = 9 stone 10lbs Looks like I will reach 10 stone very quickly!

Sleep: I say this every month but I am sleeping so well still, if you struggle to sleep then you need to read my post on "Tips on winding down before bed and sleeping well every night". I am also using the pregnancy and feeding pillow to rest my feet on at the end of the bed. I think I am sleeping so well is party down to the baths that I have daily before bed, there are huge benefits to having a bath as explained here.

Stretch Marks? None and my belly is the smoothest part of my body still and that's due to me massaging / rubbing shower oil daily over my bump along with massaging cream straight after bath so it's locking in the moisture. Since quite a few of you have asked on twitter I will do another post on my routine the last few months, it's been a mix and match of a few things!

Symptoms: None however I have noticed the bones around my bum area getting a little loose and parts of my body are clicking more when I get up from bed. This is probably just my body preparing for birth.

Cravings: Same as previous months runny egg yolk, sushi and probably some cheese as we get towards the festive period.

Miss Anything? Shopping for new clothes especially during the black Friday period where there were plenty of discounts : ( and I am sure I will feel it more after Christmas with the sales.

Best Moment This Week: We finally brought our Ikea pull out bed which I mentioned in my Baby Nursery Decor update. Everything is slowly taking shape nicely (excited face!)

Worse Moment This Week: Can't really think of anything other than there are not enough hours in the day to do everything. My hands and legs are very slightly swollen which is probably water retention,, sometimes I would wake up with stiff hands but after moving them around a little it's not as bad and hot baths also helps my blood circulate.

Maternity Clothes: Same old boring clothes ASOS soft leggings and tops are my key pieces daily. The material is soft, stretchy and super comfy. I don't seem to want to wear anything else right now...past the stage of caring so it's all about comfort.

Movement: Plenty and the baby's heads down which is good. Still feel like I have lots of room inside and it doesn't feel tight just yet but the next few weeks it's all about the fattening up so it should start feeling tight I think.

Belly Button In / Out: In

Wedding Ring On / Off: On 

Looking Forward to: Weekend and the remaining days I have off at work and the xmas period to just put my feet up and do nothing!

Mood: Very good and relaxed!

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