PARTY FEET - How To Get Your Feet Prepared For The Festive Season (#AD)

December is certainly flying by I am sure you all have a jam packed social calendar with plenty of party's / gatherings to attend leading up to the big Christmas Day! With my ever growing bump I am keeping it low key this year but that won't stop me pampering myself, if anything I need this more than ever to stay relaxed! There will be the odd night out (restaurant meal) but I am sticking to kitten heels with plenty of support to get me through the evening comfortably. I expect money is usually tight for everyone with lots of presents to buy for, the meals out, the new outfits which usually leaves us very litter for the mani / pedi so it's worth picking up a few products to do a DIY at home to get your feet ready for those amazing high heels. I don't know about you but when it comes to high heels I really need to train my feet and provide it with extra support to avoid those horrid blisters and me wanting to throw out the shoes at the end of the evening. 
If you follow me on twitter you will know I like to give myself a manicure weekly which includes filing my nails down, cuticle work and a good old hand scrub and mask before I apply fresh polish or leaving them naked for a week so they can breathe. For my feet they need a little more attention as my feet are tiny (size 3) so are my nails. Superdrug have a fantastic range of affordable products to help get those toes nice and presentable. 
Here are my simple steps to getting those party feet ready!

1. Firstly trim down our nails and file to round the edges so they are nice and tidy then using the cuticle pusher gently push the cuticles back and trim off and excess skin. If you find pushing the cuticles back tough you can use cuticle remover to soften the skin.

2. Then using my School Velvet Smooth from my Scholl Velvet Smooth Glam & Pedi Gift Set exclusively available at Superdrug to buff away any hard skin you may have under your feet. The pedi foot file roller head has long lasting micro-abrasive particles with finely ground diamond crystals to putt away hard skin instantly leaving you with super smooth feet.

3. Next step is to use a foot scrub here I am using Bare Foot Peppermint + Plum on your feet and give it a good massage exfoliating rest of the skin around your feet before soaking them in warm tub of water or just rinse off the scrub if you want to skip that part.

4. Applying the brightest red you can find along with a nice high shine top coat to seal it. The Scholl Velvet Smooth set comes with 2 Revlon polishes as shown in the picture above.
5. Then to finish off apply some Superdrug Intensive Foot Lotion to keep everything smooth and soft. The lotion contains shea butter and vitamin E both of which are renowned for their skin conditioning properties.
Now that your feet is prepped you don't want o ruin all your hard work... For those killer high heels get yourself a pack of the Superdrug Gel Ball Of Foot Cushions you may not think you need them but after a few hours on your feet they will start aching and these are amazing for giving that extra support, they are specially contoured to the shape of your foot to give a comfortable cushioned fit and they are very affordable when compared to the premium brands available and always carry a pack of Superdrug blister plasters as you never know when you will need them.
Superdrug have a great range of affordable products available and majority of the products are currently discounted including the Scholl Velvet Smooth Glam and Pedi Gift set which is sold exclusively at Superdrug which would make a great Christmas present for your mum or girl friend!
Get your feet ready to dance their way through the party season. Wheather it's some gel cushions for you new strappy high heels or a lotion to massage dry skin, Superdrug have a range of products to help pamper and comfort your feet. You can pop into your local store or at Superdrug.com

*Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Superdrug via Mode Media.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Superdrug.


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