BREAKFAST IN 5 MINUTES: Simple French Toast With Lyle's Golden Syrup

I am back with a foodie post to share with you all and as always it's a simple one which won't take long. I have no idea where this "French Toast" originated from but it's always something I eat in the cafes when ever I am in Hong Kong and its more of an afternoon tea break snack. According to Wiki there are various versions of this "French Toast" around the world and the French / Spanish eat it slightly differently but I am making it the HK way! The HK way is simply made my deep frying sliced bread dipped in beaten egg served with butter and topped with Lyles Golden Syrup and we like a bit of peanut butter filling in the middle to stick the 2 slices of bread together.
 Here are the simple steps:
1. Make a simple peanut butter sandwich and spread a thick layer.
2. Whisk 2 eggs then dip the sandwich in the egg so both sides are covered in egg like the photo above.
3. Heat up a non stick frying pan and add some oil in then cook each side of the sandwich for around 3 minutes until golden brown
4. It's ready to serve with some butter (optional) and drizzle some Lyles Golden Syrup on top!
Will you be giving this a try?

 *Collaboration bog post with celebrity chef Jo Pratt for the ‘5 minute breakfast’ challenge with Lyles Golden Syrup to encourage everyone to get creative at home. 


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