MY PREGNANCY: 36 - 40 Week Final Update (Third Trimester)

This is a super late post and a catch up one really as a lot of you know that my little one arrived a little bit early!

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Since I fell behind I thought it would be easier to just roll 9-10 months together, I haven't really had any bitg changes either so this is my final pregnancy update to share with you all.

How Far Along: 36 -40 weeks / 9 -10 months

My Bump: I think my bump has reached it's maximum size however my skin still doesn't feel stretched, tight or that there is not much room left inside.

Weight Change: Pre-pregnancy = 7 stone 5lbs. Final Weight = 10 stone 4lbs 

Sleep: I continued to sleep very well right through to the night before she was born and feeling very lucky I was still able to sleep so well because I needed the energy. The few days before she was due I was sleeping like a right pig...wake up breakfast, nap, lunch, nap, dinner, bath then bed. Each time I woke up I was feeling SO satisfied smiling...crazy huh! Each of my naps lasted between 1-2.5 hours so they were not power naps!!!

Stretch Marks? None and the belly continued to feel very smooth! 

Symptoms: When I reached around 36-37 weeks I really struggled to walk, not as in walking around but I struggled to walk into town which only really takes less than 10 minutes because it would just tire me out and make me ache all over so I just drove everywhere which suits me fine since I am a lazy walker anyway!
Cravings: None I am afraid...same as the previous months sushi sushi sushi!

Miss Anything? Missing my regular foodie trips to London as we tend to go regularly at least once / twice a month but my last trip was quite a while back having Afternoon Tea At Lancaster London.

Best Moment This Week: Nursery has the basics and I am really pleased with how it's looking so far. If you missed my Nursery Update / Baby Room you can catch up here. I am also very much enjoying my weekly Pregnancy Yoga sessions which I will write about in the next 2 weeks.

Worse Moment The Last Few Weeks: I can't really think of anything other than not really wanting to travel out far just in case anything happens but I wouldn't call that worse moment!
Maternity Clothes: No change it's the usual soft leggings with stretchy tops and cheap maternity jumpers from NewLook. I have to say the range NewLook offers is so affordable that you don't mind throwing it out later on and there is a good variety available for all occasions so worth looking online.

Movement: The little ones developed her own schedule which is pretty much my schedule. She tends to wriggle about at around 7am then goes quiet until around lunch and sleeps through the afternoon until 6pm and she stays active on / off through the evening until around midnight. If ever I am worried about the lack of movement I can just push her arm / leg which sticks out on my right and she tends to usually kick back or give me some sort of movement back so I know she is ok.

Belly Button In / Out: In and it never showed signs of popping out.

Wedding Ring On / Off: On just about but when I take my ring off there is mark there so it was getting tight.

Looking Forward to: Weekends as usual and my sleep time....Zzzzzz.....

Mood: Really good still working and enjoying my pregnancy very much! 

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