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A super late post in fact it's almost 2 months late but worth sharing since there are some interesting facts on this topic and it's also for me to look back on as I see my blog as my diary.

We are all quick to say My New Years Resolutions is...blah blah blah on the first of Jan but by now research suggests 38% of Brits have already abandoned their New Year's Resolutions. Actually majority gave up within the first two weeks of January with the main reason being lack of motivation. Are you guilty of this? The main resolutions made by Brits inc no time, no money and lack of motivation. Most popular ones are losing weight, saving money, stop smoking or stop drinking. I must admit high on my list is saving money or shall I say getting my finances back on track.

We all make them with good intentions but new research from a leading online voucher code website (www.myvouchercodes.co.uk)reveals that only 34% of Brits have actually stuck to them since they were made at New Years!

My Voucher Codes surveyed over 2000 Brits in the UK (over 18) asking all participants: "Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?" Those who answered yes were then asked: "What resolutions did you make" and the top 5 most popular answers were:

1. Lose Weight
2. Stop Smoking
3. Eat Healthier
4. More Family Time
5. Go To The Gym

Looking at these top 5 it's no wonder why people have given up in the first 2 weeks of Jan as 1, 2, 3 and 5 are the most difficult things to achieve so are you already setting yourself up to fail before you have even started..I think so!
So to find out if the participants had kept their resolutions, My Voucher Codes then asked: "Are you still sticking to your New Years Resolutions?" Here are the top 5 reasons why they have given up:
1. No Motivation 38%
2. No Time 25%
3. Too Hard 17%
4. Outside Influences 15%
5. Too Expensive 10%
With all this in mind you are far better off setting goals for yourself and achievable ones rather than what you dream of achieving and giving yourself time to slowly adapt to the changes rather than throwing yourself in the deep end.
Here are mine:
1. Stop use of the credit card and stick with debit - I like to have my credit card as comfort in my purse but having in your purse gives you temptation to use it so I am not even going to carry it around anymore and it can stay at home for real emergencies
2. More effort in home cooking and learning to cook more dishes. I did have a good spell last year with the HelloFresh boxes but in keeping with the whole saving it's far more cost effective to buy ingredients from the supermarket and cook from scratch.
3. My blog - with the little one now I need to manage my time better to allow more time for myself and to do the things I enjoy like blogging. There are so many blog posts I want to share with you all but just not enough time in the day to write everything up!
That is all nothing else from me...have you made any new years resolutions and have you stuck with them?! I think the 3 I have listed above are all achievable and realistic but we shall see...


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