LIFESTYLE: My Top 10 Tips On Moving Homes

As we get closer to summer a few people I know are moving homes and from our chit chat on whatsapp it's becoming rather stressful especially if you have pets / children. I remember when we sold our old apartment and moved into the one we are in now the stress levels were at an all time high and there was so much to do in preparation for the "big day" from noting down our electricity meter readings to organising storage boxes and getting everything packed up. From experience I think moving homes can be a smooth process but the key is preparation and ensuring you choose a good "man and van". A little planning can help ensure you are not tearing your hair out on the day.

Here are some handy tips to bear in mind to keep everything smooth on the day. It may seem like extra work before the day but these are the little touches that will ensure everything runs smoothly on the day and it will feel worth it the extra work!

1. Move furniture into your new house first then you will save time on moving boxes around again to make room and save your energy.
2. Remember to label all your boxes including which room (this will help the removal team) they are due to go to and description of what is inside.
3. Sometimes if you take apart furniture you will have parts like screws / bolts put them in freezer bags and stick it to the relevant furniture with tape so everything is in one place.
4. When people move they take literally everything with them including light bulbs so make sure you pick up a few energy saving ones just in case you need them as the worse thing is having to pop to the shops in the evening as it gets darker and it's another thing for you to do. You will be exhausted from the day so this is not what you want to be doing.
5. Re-direct your post can be easily done via Royal Mail for a small fee.
6. Clean your new home before you move in...it's so much easier to clean when the place is empty than when the place is full of boxes.
7. Make a to do list for old and new place eg: note down meter readings and take photos of the readings if it's easier.
8. A few weeks before you move start planning ahead so anything you don't want like furniture sell them in advance and earn extra cash and the same goes for old clothes etc...these items can be ebay / Gumtree / carboot.
8. Have a pen / pad to write things as you think of them that way you won't forget anything.
9. Choose a good removal company who can take the stress away for you.
10. Pack a essentials box.

Removal Company
Having a good "man and van" or a removal team if you have a huge house will make things pain free. When we moved a "man and van" was sufficient because we sold a lot of the old furniture so we didn't have huge amounts. It's worth calling around for quotes and compare and don't be shy about haggling to get the best price possible.

Essentials Box
Essentials box is everything you need for the first night in your new home and carry this with you in your own car. This will include things like tea / coffee / biscuits / kettle and any plates & utensils you may need for the first night.
In addition to the essentials box pack an over night bag for everyone in the family and make sure there are toiletries / PJs / toilet paper / bath towels.

This post is in collaboration with Happy2MoveLondon a specialist removal company (Man and Van In London) in London. They also cover courier services, deliveries, motorcycle and scooter recovery, furniture delivery (such as furniture stores or ebay sellers).
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