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My maternity leave is pretty much over and it's been an amazing (hard work) few months something you will only understand once you experience it for yourself. As much as I would like to stay off work for longer we just simply cannot afford it so the last 2 months I have been looking into various childcare options available along with nursery's / schools etc as I like being prepared and planning ahead. Firstly WHY is nurseries so dam expensive no wonder why a lot of people don't actually bother returning back to work, cut down their hours or find a new job where they can manage things a little better with their other halfs. For our area part time nursery 5 days a week is over £500 and full time is over £1000!!! Also from reading forums for London its over £70 a day yes that is for 1 full day 8am - 6pm which costs more than what some mums earn in a day and there is a waiting list. I am sure it never use to be this crazy with waiting lists when I was younger and you just attend what ever is the closest to your home..simple. We are lucky in that my mum / aunt will be taking care of her so I can work and not worry.

Whilst looking into nurseries it naturally lead me into looking at primary / secondary schools in our area esp with the announcements made this week on if your child has got into your first choice school. A few weeks back when I took the little one to the health center to check her weight it was suggested to me to contact the nursery / primary school I was interested in so I get her name on the list..is that not crazy when she's only a few months old.

With the announcement this week made to mums on school places and from reading what some of you are posting on Facebook sadly not everyone got into their first choice. If you are in the same position did you know you can appeal and the process is easy. Approximately 5%  of school starters each year will not be offered their first choice but you can appeal - read this. However with the stresses of every day life it maybe something you don't want to be dealing with particularly those who are looking at secondary school placements, some parents find the process daunting however Simpson Millar have a  lot of experience of guiding parents through this process and would encourage anyone to consider this course of action.

There is plenty of information online and I found forums the most useful and Mumsnet being one of my favourite along with Babycentre where everyone shares their knowledge and you may even come across people from your local area with actual experience of applying for the nursery / primary / secondary school you are interested in.


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