PARENTING: My Struggle Going Out | What I carry In Nicole's Nappy Bag

I honestly never knew going out was this much faf with a baby and it's one thing I really struggle with which sounds a little crazy right...like how hard can it be going out when you have your massive pram and nappy bag with half your house content of baby stuff in. I got to admit during the first 3 months I hardly went out because I always felt more relaxed and chilled at home, I need rest and plenty of rest with all the frequent feeding and it didn't help that was it minus figures outside so it was always more comfy warm at home and there was simply no urge to venture out and I know you are suppose to get fresh air and all that but it was the last thing on my mind. During the newborn stage feeding was literally every 2 hours so by the time you do all the winding, pack your nappy bag, change nappy and get yourself ready you almost need to do another feed or you are 40 min away from next feed..do you wait and risk it happening all over again or do you just get out of the house!
When I finally got my act together and realised I just need to do this my thoughts were focused on what to pack in this bag and it's so easy to pack your entire nursery haha. In my mind the lighter the better and I needed a bag which fits everything so I just need to take the one bag out. For me the handbags gone for now because there is simply too much to carry especially when you are out on your own so I needed something that's versatile yet fit for every purpose from being out for a few hours to being out for the whole day. *toTs by smarTrike chic Melange changing bag was the chosen one, it's well designed and on trend with it's beautifully quilted fabric which has a water repellent coating. I love how you can just carry it like a tote or carry it on your back as a back pack. When you are pushing the pram it's always easy to carry it as a back pack.
My bag is filled with my essentials:
Sudo cream
Cotton pads
nappy changing mat which comes with the changing bag
Flask for hot water to heat up formula
Hipp formula
Dr Browns milk bottles
Few bibs / change of outfit
Sophie La Giraffe and a few other rattle toys
Muslin cloth - aiden & anais 
For Myself:
Bank card / lip balm / mobile phone
My mum is really enjoying using the bag and she keeps saying the material is really good. It's perfect for all ages and perfect for my aunt to use when she takes over looking after Nicole for a few days a week. The whole range is available to buy at Smyths online.


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