HEN PARTY LATINO: Fancy Having Your Very Own Naked Chef...Something Different!

When trying to come up with hen party idea’s people don’t always consider having the hen party in the comfort of their own homes. By having the hen party at home the cost of travel and accommodation can be greatly reduced. We all know hens and weddings can be an expensive time. The Naked Chef experience can be based in the home of the bride, bridesmaid or one of the hens. It’s a way to kill two birds with one stone, because you have the opportunity to experience a hot activity, and enjoy a super refined Italian dinner.
They come supplied with all the necessary ingredients based on the pre-agreed menu and number of hens. Having the party in a home can make it a nice informal, cozy event. However, if this doesn’t suit they can also arrange for a luxury Dublin apartment to be the venue offering a private and intimate location for the celebrations, perfect for those who want to continue the party at a nearby nightclub. 

The naked chef provides cookery class for classes for hen parties of all sizes. “I take this opportunity to teach the girls some traditional old Italian cooking tips passed down to me by my grandmother which they can then bring home with them,” he says, “including how to make the perfect bruschetta!”
So, while sipping on fine Italian wine, the bride and all the hens have the opportunity to relax and enjoy an evening of good food and good company. The spicy of this activity it’s not due a lot of red pepper, but because the chef is wearing nothing but a little mini apron. 

After the cookery lesson and the food is all cooked the chef and his assistant will serve up the traditional Italian dishes to the hungry hens. All dishes are made from the freshest of ingredients and nothing is prepackaged. They also specialise in providing gluten free and dairy free meals and can cater for any other special requests. 

Then it is game time! They will play some fun, naughty games and if the hens are brave enough….. the apron can come off completely! Loads of fun guaranteed. 

At present Hen Party Latino is the only company providing this service in Ireland and work hard to ensure we provide the highest standard of entertainment to their guests. They pride themselves on being able to customise not only their menu but also their activities to meet the needs of the partygoers. Every bridesmaid organising a hen party knows the importance of ensuring the party is exactly how the bride-to-be would want it and in order to do that it is important to be adaptable. 
“We listen to your ideas, can make suggestions if you are stuck for ideas and work with you each step of the way to ensure you are getting exactly what you want”, claims the chef. Definitely something different!

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