TRAVEL: Planning Our First Trip Abroad | My Top 10 Tips On Travelling With A Baby

Now that I am back in full swing at work it's time to start planning our first family holiday back home to Hong Kong for Chinese New Year! Not only are we visiting Hong Kong me and hubby are also planning a short trip with family to Macau otherwise known as the Las Vegas of the far east. Being chinese gambling is in my blood however being a mum comes with responsibility so I can't just leave the little one and spend all night at the crowded casino! Sometimes it's more convenient to have a cuppa in the hotel room and practice online casino games online while the little one is sleeping for that fix! haha But obviously with my parents being there with us we can have the odd date night to gamble away...

Only our parents have met Nicole so we want to go back when she is one to take her to meet rest of our families. The thought of taking her back is exciting however on the flip side the thinking about what I need to pack / jet lag is also making me think if I should wait until she is at least 2. She will need plenty of attention and feeds so travelling somewhere as far as Hong Kong is most likely very difficult to manage and we will both also be exhausted.

I have started to research looking for tips when travelling with a baby particularly on tips for the flight since it's so long and there are some really useful tips shared by mums which some of you may find useful when travelling for the first time like myself. I have gathered together the Top 10 to share with you all.

1. Dress your baby in a few soft layers which are easy to put on and take off. Vest and sleepsuit is likely to be more comfortable than a dress with tights which can scrunch up when your baby sits for long periods of time.

2. Nappy changing...as many times you have done it for some reason doing on the plane seems to be a worry. Most planes have drop down changing table in the toilets and it's not as bad as you think it will be.

3. Take enough food / drink in case you are delayed. The usual hand luggage restrictions on liquids don't apply to your baby's food and drink. Also pack a baby bottle filled with cooled boiled water in your hand luggage if you are going by plane. Cabin air is very dry especially on long haul so he/she may like to sip some water if it's not time for feed.

4. Always buy a new toy along with taking a few favourites to keep them entertained.

5. Take food your baby likes and it might be worth a few weeks before trying lots of different pouches / jars to see which ones are favourites so there are no problems with feeding.

6. Pack everything the night before and make sure you allow yourself plenty of time to leave the house because you will always be late or forget something.

7. Create a home away from home so try and bring as many things you can with you but be very selective. Things like travel cot, blankets, favourite toys / books will be comforting for your little one.

8. Bring your baby's birth certificate to prove your baby is under 2.

9. Don't use water from the plane bathroom for anything besides washing your hands. So this means don't rinse toys, cups etc...with it. The water is purified with chemicals so you need to use bottled water.

10. Lastly relax and enjoy. Providing you do all your reading up / preparation you will have a great time!


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