PARENTING: Car Trip Survival Kit With A Baby | Tips On What To Pack

Driving to aunts twice on a weekly to drop Nicole off and to pick her up is a normal thing for us each week now. I always worry about traffic especially going on the M3 so before setting off we always check the traffic to make sure there are no accidents on our route because the car journey is a good 45 minute with no traffic. With it being the summer there are always events taking place which can make the journey longer than usual along with the occasional accident. With this in mind we need to be prepared / plan ahead and pack everything ready just in case there are any problems on the way. I have put together a "Car Trip Survival Kit" to share with all you mummy's out there these are good reminders of things to pack especially if you have a road trip planned this summer. There is nothing worse than not having the right things with you for that moment and a screaming baby at the back. I know a lot of you also live quite a distant from your own parents / in laws so this might be useful for long trips back home.

1. Wet wipes pretty much good for everything along with paper towels. In addition I also like to use a mini plastic tub (we use nuby) and put a wet flannel in for hot days just to cool Nicole down.
2. Snacks non messy ones - right now we love the no mess Kiddylicious wafers and Kiddylicious fruity puffs.
3. Ready made formula 3x for convenience / steralised milk bottles / flask for hot water or bottle warmer with cigarette lighter power adapter and a tub of some sort to warm up the bottle.
4. Take your baby's favourite toys and teether / soother to keep them entertained and busy.
5. Pull down / lock in place back window shade to keep the sun away
6. Sippy cup for water (we use nuby)
7. Plenty of nappys you can never have too many.
8. Clothes - take at least 3 sets along better to have extra along with a warm coat, bibs and extra blanket / muslin cloth.
9. We are going through the teething stage so teething gel is a must to soothe those gums
10. Always handy to have a first aid kit in the back of the boot.

I hope this helps with the long car journey's you have planned for the summer.



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