Hilton Bournemouth - Schpoons & Forx (Matt Tebbutt)

Last month we had a date night after work on a Monday at Schpoons & Forx at the Hilton Bournemouth. It's been a while since our last visit to Bournemouth prob 2 years ago now at the BIC for a concert but I am sure as the little one gets older we will be doing plenty of beach visits since they have the most incredible sandy beaches. 
The British inspired dishes at Schpoons & Forx menu is to use the freshest local produce and being by the sea there are plenty of seafood options available which is my favourite. The restaurant has a lovely open kitchen and the interior is relaxing, modern and decked out in rich wood finishing with unique spoon and fork decor touches. We arrived for 7.30 and the kitchen started getting rather busy so we quickly ordered from the menu and asked for the bread basket to be served quickly....I was super hungry!!!!!!
Schpecials always interests me especially when I see the word "Rock Oyster" we had to order 5 to go with our starters, as it says on the board Rock oysters with diced celeriac, apple and lime foam. When it comes to oysters we always go for the raw style and slurp slurp so I was excited to try something a little different. They came classically presented on a bed of salt and tasted just about cooked, I really enjoyed how the apple and liam foam seasoned the little oyster...tasty but I still prefer the usual raw style more.
Both our starters were so so good...this is the pan fried calves liver with poached egg, crisp parma ham and persillade. This was cooked absolutely to perfection especially the liver and the poached egg...well see the video for yourself. This dish felt like a winters comfort dish, highly recommended. 

As a major sushi lover this caught my eye...thinly sliced cured wild seabass with ginger, lemon and soy. I could have happily eaten 2 portions, the seabass was very fresh and the sauce combo with ginger, lemon and soy just gave the whole dish a lift. All the ingredients complimented each other very well.
We were recommended to order the 400g tandoor roasted rib stead served with duck fat scrap and aioli. This 400g steak was rather epic, slightly over cooked to how hubby usually likes it but it filled his belly up nicely and quickly and he enjoyed it very much being a meat lover!
In keeping with the seafood theme I opted for the tandor roasted cuttlefish served with a bed of clams in sherry vinegar and romesco dressing. I am a huge lover of clams and for some reason it's not widely served in restaurants and generally people prefer mussels maybe because there is more meat. Again very fresh and I could have done with some fresh bread to soak up the left over sauce. The sweet juices from the clams mixed into the sauce making it super tasty and perfect combo with a side portion of bread.
The lovely chef brought out our desert Cambridge burnt cream with honeycomb, pistachio and raspberry for us to share. Wonderful meal and highly recommended if you are in the area the location is just minutes walk from the BIC and beach. We will definitely pop back with the little one next year, when we sat down we did see other babies so it's children friendly which is so important for us now.

Thanks for having us Schpoons & Fork!


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