Things To Do In Vienna

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Top things to do in Vienna

With over 14 million tourists visiting Vienna every year, it’s not surprising that there are so many attractions and activities in the city. Austria’s capital certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to culture, with museums, opera houses and palaces littered throughout, but where should you start if you’ve never been before? Hopefully, this quick guide will give you a few of the top attractions you can’t afford to miss while you’re there.

Visit Hofburg Palace
Hofburg Palace is one of the many former Imperial residences in the area. Its grand architecture cuts an impressive figure against the sky, and it stands as a tribute to an era long gone, but which still takes pride of place in the hearts of local Viennese people. Originally built in the 13th century, part of the palace forms the official residence and workplace of the President of Austria, but it has expanded over the years to include a chapel, museum and even a riding school.

Indulge in culture at the Vienna State Opera
This dramatic building is located at the very heart of Vienna, which perfectly represents the way people feel about opera in this country. Here, there are even much shorter operas designed just for kids, to engage youngsters and get them excited about a tradition that is centuries old in the city. You can find the sounds of operas and classical concerts reverberating within these luxurious walls regularly, so book your tickets in advance via *Vienna Opera Tickets if you want a truly magical experience.

Take a turn on the Wiener Riesenrad
What exciting city would be complete without its own theme park? The Prater is set in a large public park area, and is home to many vintage carnival rides. From the carousel to the games and food stalls, the number one attraction for people here is the Wiener Riesenrad; this 212 foot-tall ferris wheel has been entertaining tourists since it was constructed in 1897, and was once the proud owner of the title ‘world's tallest extant Ferris wheel’ from 1920 until 1985. You’ll get the opportunity to take some stunning photographs and see the sights in a whole new way all the way up there.

Visit the Vienna Museum of Natural History
If you’re into your history and you’ve already taken a look around the old town in Vienna, then this should be your next stop. The Vienna Museum of Natural History, or Naturhistorisches Museum, first began its collections of items over 250 years ago. Today, its displays cover 8,700 square metres, and it’s home to approximately 30 million objects, although this grows with every new exhibit. Soon to come on display though is the new exhibit in biodiversity, celebrating the many shapes and sizes that exist in species throughout this planet.

Are you planning on visiting Vienna soon or have you been already and you have tips to share? Leave me a comment and let me know what you have planned.


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