PARENTING: Christmas For The Kids At Fraction Of the Cost / Or On A Budget - How?

Christmas shopping for children can be so costly these days and often parents feel the pressure to simply buy their kids lots and lots! It our first Christmas with our little one and we have decided to just allocate a budget and get the most of out that budget in other words make your penny's go further. How? We simply start early and just head on down to *Homesense / TKMaxx weekly and see what they have in stock. This place is a hidden gem for kids but you can't expect to find goodies weekly if you are particular in what you want but what you do need to do is go weekly. My best tip is go mid week when they stock up everything (less people shopping) so you are more likely to find what you want. Often when we have popped in over the weekend a lot of the shelves are looking a little bare with everyone being spendy. 
You can expect to find all the brands here but at fraction of the cost. This place is amazing for all ages you just need a bit of patients go to trawling through everything so often I can spend a good 1 hours looking through everything before trying to decide what to buy on a good day when they are well stocked. On the sticky price label it will tell you what the full price is and the discounted price you pay so you can see the savings. We managed to pick up this bundle for around £65 so we will head back between now and xmas to pick up a few more smaller items as stocking fillers along with a few books with sounds. They don't often restock items once it's gone it's gone so if you are unsure buy it anyway and decide later otherwise it won't be there when you go back next time.
Our little one seems to be at that age where she's just started playing with toys a little more so it's been difficult in deciding what to buy. So we have lots of things that move to get her interested an elephant that shoots balls out, walking turtle with shapes popping out and a ball that rolls around. I also picked up some cute winter booties along with 2 books a piano one so we can do a bit of singing and a Sophie La Giraffe (We love Sophie) alphabet peekaboo one. I think a few more books ones with sounds then we are pretty much done!
Where are you planning on going Christmas shopping for the kids...do you search online for the best prices because you already know what to buy or do you just buy from one place all in one go for convenience? Share your secret!


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