Dreaming Of A Holiday.......

Just finished my last day at work today so I am officially on my Christmas Holiday! Christmas shopping all done and wrapped up with all the presents safely in Santa's sack. Got a bit of time the next 2 days to do a bit of blog planning and scheduling so I can take the Christmas & New Year off and have a bit of a Digital Detox. I also want to spend a bit of time in looking at holidays for next year just a week's break somewhere but undecided on the type of holiday.

Do we go on a cruising holiday with Princess Cruises or P&O and hop on the Britania... what I really want is to be hopping back to the Maldives again but we agreed to go back when our girl is a little older so for now we will need to look at cheap Sunshine holidays so we can save our pennies for the luxury holidays when she's 3-4 years old!

Cruising Holiday 
They are family friendly so you don't have to worry about disturbing other holiday makers. Simple and convenient the ones we go for would be all inclusive so everything is pretty much paid up front excluding excursions which makes it easier to budget perfect if you have a few kids. What's great is you also get to visit multiple locations so you can get all those places you want to visit ticked off pretty quickly. The negatives I guess would be sea sickness (I do suffer) and time limit you can spend at each of your stops as the cruise will have a schedule they need to stick to.

This paradise will make you feel like you are royalty and of course it comes at a high high price. Nothing is too much trouble here and soon as you step off that long haul flight your holiday starts with the resort rep meeting you to carry your luggage before you even arrive on the island. I guess the negative is the long haul flight of 10 hours to get there then depending on the resort you will need to get a sea plane or speed boat transfer which can be tiring with a kid which is why we plan to head back when the little one is older.

Budget Holiday
Sometimes you just want to get away and this is how I feel sometimes so a cheap budget holiday is needed. Somewhere cheap and cheerful in Europe with lots of sunshine, doesn't have to be a hotel it can be an apartment and a few hours flight is enough.

We will be going on a cruise for sure next year since other half works for a cruising company so the perks have finally come in handy. Before kids I would never consider this type of holiday but now it's a pretty appealing option!

If you are also planning a holiday you may want to read on how I saved lots and lots with air miles - here.

So what holiday are you dreaming of......


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