Full Time Mum And Keen To Earn Extra Cash? Simple Ways To Increase Your Income

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Full time mum and desperately looking for ways to bring in the extra pennies? Here are some tried and tested ways to give your income a slight boost....

I have been doing this on and off for the last 6 years and the tasks vary. Some can be done from your home if it's a simple telephone call but majority will require you to visit somewhere etc of some sort local to you. Fee's vary from as low as £10 through to £100+ depending on the complexity of the task. I am registered to 3 different sites but only really carried out jobs for 1 as they pay a lot better and the tasks are more in line with what I am familiar with... I am afraid since its "Mystery Shopping" I cannot share examples with you but definitely worth looking into. It's fun which is why I started it in the first place and still doing it on/off now....

This one is relatively new to me and I am unsure if I actually like it or not but it's one of those you have started and it gets a little addictive. So the app is called Receipt Hog (there are other similar apps that do the same thing) download it and just start scanning/taking photos of all your receipts and you get rewarded points. My friend introduced this to me a good 6 months ago after seeing how much we buy each week with a baby! So all you do is scan receipts and collect points its as simple as that and in exchange you can get Paypal money or Amazon gift voucher. It takes forever but it doesn't cost you anything and you can collect between £5-£50 so obviously my target is £50 but I am still way off....only just hitting £10!

The root to helping earn extra cash is actually cutting your spending and looking at ways in which you can spend less or cut out completely. I wrote this post a good 2 years ago and it's still one of my most read blog posts of all time - Simple Easy Steps To Cutting Your Spending

Sell anything you don't want from baby clothes to your old clothes. You would be surprised at the sorts of things people buy from eBay. I have even managed to sell things for more than what I paid from Primark! However there are sellers fee and PayPal fees to be aware of when selling

Again this is the same however no fees at all and the buyer comes to collect and pays cash. I have brought lots of random toys and sold a lot on here. This is my preference when you compare to eBay because there are no fees.

Hope some of these ideas will help you mummy's who are trying to boost your income or for those who are reluctant to return back to work and looking for other ways to earn extra!


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