In keeping with sharing all the new restaurant's that have opened up in Southampton WestQuay Water mark this week was The Real Greek. If you missed some of my other reviews you can catch up here: Carluccio's and Red Dog Saloon. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one having not really actually eaten any greek food and it's certainly not widely available in my area so I was excited to try something different. As always I prefer to go on a Monday straight after work around 6ish when it's nice and quiet and Monday's are always known to be miserable to it's a nice way to end the day. As you can we we were pretty much the first to arrive for dinner haha...
Soon as we walked through the door we were greeted with a warm welcome and quickly sat down at our table. Always drinks first and since we are both no big drinkers it was just a regular OJ and their special  chocolate tasting winter cocktail along with a jug of water. We had no idea what to order so our lovely waiter guided us through the menu and gave suggestions which we took up and they went down very well. First up is one of my favourites the flat bread with dips - Tzatziki tangy greek yoghurt with cucumber and garlic and Taramasalata (waiter recommended) which is rich and creamy made fresh daily with naturally undyed cod roe. Now this dip isn't very everyone especially if you are not a fan of fish but we both love seafood so it went down very well. A word of warning though its calorific 989kcal but delicious!!! I would definitely go back just to oder these as an afternoon snack sat outside with the heaters.
From top to bottom we have the Salt Cod home cured dipped in beer batter and fried dipped in lemon/mayo. This dish was a little too salty for both of us (its suppose to be super salty) the waiter mentioned you are suppose to pair it with this particular wine and they both go very well together. Next we have the Grilled Octopus tossed in olive oil, garlic and Greek oregano, this dish was hubby favourite for me it was ok. You can't order Greek food without picking a Lamb Kefte served with a side mint yogurt for dipping. It came in one piece for me I would have preferred for it to have been sliced up or in skewers so it's easier to share out. The lamb was moist and full of flavour with that lovely burnt taste if that even makes sense! Then a portion of Grilled Halloumi with some veg on skewers. Then right at the bottom was a portion of prawns with sauce and a wedge of lemon, I actually cannot remember what this dish is but I remember us fighting over the last prawn though. We also ordered a portion of saffron rice as we weren't sure of what the portions would be like but with just the two of us it was more than enough.
We both really enjoyed the meal and to be honest I wasn't really too sure what to expect when I looked at the menu. For me this place is fab for the weekend instead of having afternoon tea we can pop in here for some nibbles before dinner. The staff told me it's great for the weekend if you want to have drinks and they are usually very busy in the evenings. Just as we were about to leave the waiter kindly brought over 2 shots for us I cannot remember the name but it's a classic Greek desert shot plum sweet tasting. I usually avoid shots but this was actually really nice and smooth on the throat! We both really enjoyed our meals - thank you for having us!


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