My Top 5 Spring Car Care Tips For Comfortable Travel

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Each week we do two 120 minute round trips to juggle childcare since the little one gets dropped off and picked up at our aunts twice a week. Majority of the journeys we do during nap time so we both get to nap in the car so it works out quite well. Since the journeys are not short it's important we are both comfy and snugly in the car so we can all relax. My husband will do all the driving so I will be at the back with the little one. I am always worried about breaking down so I try and do what I can to ensure we don't, so here are 5 simple Spring Care Tips For Comfortable Travel.

Car Service / Maintenance
I know a lot of people try and avoid getting their car serviced yearly because let's be honest it really is a cost we can all do without and it's not cheap. If you rack up a lot of miles like myself it's so important to keep it up, they might be able to spot something that will break down soon before you actually break down. Prices do vary do it's definitely worth calling around to a few places for a quote before actually booking. If you want professional service but at a decent price, quick booking for a car service can be done at *Dat Tyres website.

Car Tyres
This one people often forget but when was the last time you checked your car tyres? This is especially important in the winter months when you get dry ice / snow and you need that extra grip on the road when driving around. A simple DIY way is the 20p test which is shown here. But if you want expert advice then companies like *National Tyres can help.

Clean & Comfy
Clean car is so important and I hate getting into a dirty / messy car. We don't have rubbish lying around in the car, empty drink bottles, toys or anything except 2 blankets one for me and one for the little one and a small pillow for myself to get comfy at the back. Get the car cleaned / valeted once every 2-3 months or more frequent if it gets dirty easily. We find a wash every 2-3 months is ok and a quick hoover of the floor mats since the car is kept nice and clean anyway. Our 4x4 only costs £13 for inside and out clean so it's great value especially if you have kids and finding time to do it yourself will only put you off doing it for longer!

For me I am quite happy to sleep through the entire journey or just listen to the radio. I get travel sickness easily so sleeping works well for me but I know some like to read or even play car games with the kids. We are not at that age with the little one and tbh most of the time she enjoys looking around or have the odd teething toy. When she gets older for those extra longer journeys I will look at getting one of those ipad holders for back of the headrest as an emergency gadget to use but I really don't want to get into the habit of using phones / ipads etc to keep her entertained. I plan to keep a box of potentially new toys in the back of the boot we can grab if needed.

This is the most important just sit back and just relax and try not to worry too much and enjoy the car journey.

What are your tips for comfortable car travel?

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