Relaxing Afternoon Spent At RUMA MEDISPA

Post baby massages were a monthly thing for me, I love nothing more than to spend either Saturday or Sunday having a full body 1 hour deep tissue massage along with shellac mani or pedi. Obviously since having the little one I just don't have time and struggle to make time and it's been a while. I was kindly offered a deep tissue massage by Ruma Salons at the weekend. This place is tucked away just outside of Southampton and this place absolutely beautiful. It's modern, newly decorated with plenty of copper which is love!
The room is relaxing with dimmed lights and relaxing music which literally makes you fall asleep.  I had a few sips of my cup of tea before laying on my front waiting for my therapist to come in. When I laid down there was a cold gel wrapped round my face around the hole where you put your face in and it was so nice. The other places I have been to in the past including Maldives didn't have this and it's such a nice touch in going that extra step further in the relaxation.
I had various knots on my shoulders from being sat down in the office for a good 40 hours a week not including the time spent on the laptop at home. After spending a good 15 minutes warming up the muscles she got to work in releasing the knots I had on both sides. It was so nice to just lay there and fully relax and it really made me think I need to make time for these little things.
The salon also offers Shellac Manicure / Pedicure, a range of beauty treatments, hair and a medispa.
When did you last spoil yourself?


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