PARENTING: Favourite Toys Round Up 12 months +

Toys for kids are so individual and often I find it really depends on your child on what toys they like to play. I am always asking other mums what toys their little one plays with the most so I thought it would be great to do a round up of the toys she likes up to around 12-13 months. Mr Tumble will be a favourite for a while I think because she absolutely loves the songs and dances to them all the time and hugs him then drops him on the floor!
Bottles...she's been obsessed with these for a while now mainly because they are colourful and I put random crap inside them to keep her entertained shaking, biting and just trying to get out what ever is inside. Obviously each of the bottles are different shape, texture and colour which also interests her and I must admit these have given her hours and hours of entertainment especially on days when I work from home. Best thing about them is they are free and not really toys so it's typical she would like them a lot!
Minnie Mouse car to sit on and she likes sitting on the side and just looking around or pressing the button making various beeping, accelerating, filling up the pump, horn or music noises. Books with noises like Old MacDonald and the Noisy Farm because it makes 60 different sounds and the book only cost me around £6.99 from tkmaxx.
This little fella is very annoying but it makes her smile non stop...you press the top button and it will walk for around 10 seconds then all the shapes pop out and you pop them back on. She really like things that move eg: our dog! Again we picked this up in TKMaxx for fraction of the cost - read here.
These are the new toys I will be introducing - little *Yoshi which is a bit of a collectors item with the recent launch of the new Nintendo Switch. Growing up I played on the Super Nintendo so much and the Super Mario brothers were a favourite of mine. FlashCards I picked up from Amazon - I am unsure if she is still too young but when ever she sees pictures of dog, baby, cat she seems to know and blurt out words in cantonese so I thought we can start playing with these cards and doing 3 at a time. We recently discovered *Night Garden Baby Range (Golden Bears) from the CBeebies TV channel and so it would be interesting to see if she recognises these two characters Makka Pakka and Igglepiggie. They are both super soft to cuddle and Makka Pakka is just too cute!


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