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Life can become monochrome and mundane, and all too predictable. The truth is, the mind is inarguably the most complex entity in the entire universe. It can comprehend abstract ideas, thoughts, understand new and strange feelings and also due to its complex nature, every single mind is unique in the world. The world has gotten a lot faster than previous generations experienced, and stopping to smell the roses has almost become comical. But losing oneself to the herd is a sacrifice some people are not willing to make. What’s make everyone different is their personality and outlook on the world. Thus, pure energy of creativity should not only be cherished but practiced in your life. The methods and activities that can be your vessel in this quest are by no means limited; it just takes a little daring to get out of your comfort zone.

Expressing yourself with liquid silk
Oil paintings can be slightly daunting for beginners; however, this form of art can be taken up by anybody for enjoyment and for a quest of excellence. For many odd reasons, oil paintings stir the mind’s creativity and leave open the emotional nature of people’s inner core of the very being. This style of art is mysterious with silent undertones of melancholy and whimsical and everyday life being the narrative channel of many distinct oil paintings around the world. Artists have been painting with oil paints for hundreds of years, so there’s an incredible amount of history and knowledge for this style of art which is why so many beginners find it just as enjoyable as acrylics; albeit a little more advanced.
You’ll seek to buy brushes, palettes, and mediums first, but there are some general tips to look out for. Buy good quality equipment first and foremost as you don’t want to buy again and again if say, for example, the brush head splinters and the quality of your strokes suffer. Before you even start painting, make sure you’ve found a well-ventilated area as the toxins of the oils will permeate the room and it won’t be pleasant to your sinuses. As well as this, find a position where there is much sunlight, not only to help dry the oils quicker but so you can quite clearly see how your painting is progressing as some of the dull oil textures won’t reflect light so vigorously. Buy or access material that would help you learn the basics, such a color mixing, priming the canvas surface, painting in the thick and thin brush stroke styles, and how to clean your equipment for future use.

Running away with the clouds
Getting lost in fantasy is something used to diminish the troubles of life and live in an environment totally trimmed of pressure, tension and worry. In the modern world, people are more likely to turn to movies to try and find an imaginative sanctuary, but books erode away the barriers films put up and the level of detail in stories is so much more refined. It seems like reading novels is becoming a pastime as the world speeds up and alternative media is elementary in its accessibility. However you’ll find that sometimes the best stories lie in your own mind, and in order to unlock them, you could take a Writers Workshop. Just think, the descriptive characters, locations and meaningful basis the narratives in your own mind could express and the impact they could have on the world. This process of putting pen to paper and letting your mind run wild in the meadows of limitless worlds, universes, and philosophical conundrums, is regarded as a therapeutic release.    

Flavor and soul
Since time immemorial people around the world have punched the mortal coil of life with their soul and transformed people’s pallets into pure joy. Cooking and baking have always been a way to express how you’re feeling, your unique personality, create flavors that encapsulate who you are as a person. Whether you have a sweet tooth, love the texture of succulent meats, a vegetarian or want to try something completely new from a previously untouched cuisine, starting to cook unorthodox dishes is a great way to spread your wings.
The general advice is to start off slow and work your way up to more complex flavors which require insider knowledge and experience that many other dishes will teach you along the way. Cooking is a learning process, some of the best chefs in the world still don’t count themselves as experts and they feel their technique and skills keep expanding. Baking is a great way to get into expressive cooking as it's beginner-friendly and not as formidable as other types. Many newcomers start off with cookies, bread, and simple cakes. There’s a plethora of information out there solely dedicated to helping steer novices in the clear direction.


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