The CV Of Life: Mistakes That Could Maime Your Career Prospects

Everyone knows how important our CVs are to our future job prospects. Everything we do in early life is to get that piece of paper looking appealing. First, we fill it with qualifications and school achievements. Then, as soon as we leave education, the pressure is on to get a job. Many of us settle for less than perfect options because we want to fill the page. And, we all avoid job gaps like they’re the kiss of death. No one wants to have to explain the length of their unemployment in an interview.

But, have you ever considered that the things you don’t include on your CV could come back to haunt you? This isn’t the case in all career choices. In many jobs, your employers won’t know much more about you than what you include in your application. But, in some jobs, a background check is necessary. If that’s the case, mistakes you never thought would influence your employment may crop up. This is true in any job in which you work with kids or vulnerable individuals. If you’re becoming a teacher, it’s especially important that you live as clean a life as possible. A good CV is still relevant, of course. And, companies like *Simply Education can ensure you know where to find the work and experience you need. But, it’s time to consider how to apply the right attitude to other areas of your life.

The most important thing worth mentioning is the importance of self-censorship on social media. And, this is a relevant point no matter what your career. The majority of employers will now check a potential candidate’s social presence. How better to gain an accurate representation? If you’re posting foul language or strong opinions, you won’t do yourself any favours. Bear in mind, too, that once you make a mistake online, it’s hard to erase it. If an ill-judged comment results in a Twitter-storm, that’s the first thing your employer will find when they search your name.

And, this applies even more when it comes to working with children. Young kids may not have access to social media, but what teen hasn’t searched for their teacher on Facebook? Some teachers choose to delete their social media for that exact reason. Of course, you don’t need to go to that extreme. But, it’s worth setting all your information to private. And, kids are wise with technology. You might want to censor everything you post, just in case.

It’s also important to bear in mind that court appearances, or knowledge of criminal activity, could cause problems. You want to stay on the right side of the law in every way. Many people fail to realise how much impact criminal activity could have on their prospects. That’s the case, even if you aren’t the one committing the crime. Often, knowledge of a crime will make you look guilty in the eyes of a future employer. And, no one wants to hire someone who looks like trouble!

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