Travel Blunders That Will Turn Your Trip Into A Disaster

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Whether through a friend or online, we’ve all heard at least one story about trips abroad that have gone disastrously wrong. Even the most heavenly places in the world can turn pretty hellish if you make one or two common travel blunders. Here, we’ll look at a few of the big ones you need to avoid at all costs.
Underestimating the Location of your Hotel from the City Centre

Despite the great deals you can get on Air BnBs way out in the suburbs, when you’re visiting a world-famous city, it’s usually a better idea to splash out on a more expensive hotel right in the middle of the action. This will make it much easier to get to the landmarks you want to check off your list, save you a lot of money, and help you dodge the stress of trying to navigate a strange new public transport system. This is particularly true when it comes to crowded European cities like Amsterdam. In the middle of summer, you’re going to want to head back to base and relax before you go out to dinner, which can obviously be tough when you’re staying far away from the action. When you’re looking for your accommodation, try to get as close to the city centre as you can afford.
Putting Off the Paperwork

If you’ve been saving up for the trip of a lifetime most of the year, surely you don’t want to have it all fall apart thanks to one little detail slipping through the net. Most importantly of all, make sure you give yourself enough time when applying for your passport if you need to. Typically, passport processing takes four to six weeks, so as soon as you start planning out your trip, start sorting out your application. Aside from that, start reading up on any documentation requirements tied to the specific country you’re going to. When travelling to the USA for example, you’ll need an ESTA; a special kind of digital document which you can find out about through this website. It’s also worth noting that some countries require you to have six months’ worth of validity on your passport to pass the border. You’ve got enough to worry about already, but seriously, make sure you double and triple-check all the paperwork requirements in advance.
Planning Too Much for One Trip

f you plan to see all the sights and try out all the different activities in a popular travel destination such as Paris or Rome, and you’ll quickly turn your holiday into one long stress-fest, and miss out on all the more slow-paced things like relaxing in pavement cafes and just watching the city go by. Yes, there’s a big world out there with all kinds of amazing things to see and do. However, if you don’t make a point of slowing down, you’re certain to regret it! Shave your list down to a few things you simply need to see, and make sure to have one day in your trip where you don’t plan to do much of anything.


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