TRAVEL - Countdown To Canada: What To Do Before You Enter

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Canada’s a gorgeous country with some of the most culturally diverse cities and some of the most impressive natural beauty to see in the world. But it’s a country that deserves quite a bit of prep work before you get there, too. Here, we’ll look at how you can make sure that trip goes without a hitch, legally, financially, and safely.

Have cash to splash
If you’re visiting Montreal or Toronto, make sure the budget is pretty meaty. Both cities rank amongst the most expensive in the world. Call your credit card provider if you plan on using it over there, too. If they see sudden activity in Canada without any justification, they’re likely to cut you off. One unexpected point is about the pennies of Canada. They’re getting phased out, so instead of using them, you need to recycle any pennies you find or are given.
Get your car arranged
If you plan on driving through the country, then make sure you have it all arranged before you land. Weather in Canada can be pretty bad, as you might imagine, so cars are at more risk of breakdowns there than in most countries. Join a car club and make sure that you’re able to get the service you need. Getting yourself stranded out there is no laughing matter.

Phoning it in
Smartphones are another thing that require a little more consideration than usual, too. They are one of the leading causes of going well over budget on a Canadian holiday because the roaming charges can be truly exorbitant. But you can keep costs down by using a pre-paid package. Bear in mind that if you’re heading north of the more populated territories, you’re going to have a long way to go between cell phone towers as well. You might spend more time out of reception rather than in it.
Make sure everyone’s allowed in

Flying to Canada isn’t as simple as getting your passport and taking it to the airport, either. Don’t book any flights, hotels, or cars before getting your travel visa. You can do it all online and without issue with a bit of help if you visit the Canada eta site. If you’re not authorised in advance, you might get turned away entirely.

Check the weather
Winters can be bad in Canada. In fact, they can close many of the major roads and put a real knot in your plan if you want a driving holiday. Failing to use the public weather warning site before you make the trip to any location in the country can put you at severe risk. If you’re in the mountainous regions, you should also check on any avalanche or earthquake warnings. If you’re told a road is closed, it’s for a very good reason.
It might take more prep work than most destinations, but it’s well worth it. Canada has a wealth of sights to see and places to visit. Hopefully, the tips above make it a lot easier to enjoy the holiday without stressing over one thing or another.


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