Turning That Hobby Into A Dream Career

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No matter how old you are, you are always going to hate going to work. That is, unless you do something you love. No one likes to wake up at the crack of dawn, squeeze onto a busy and overcrowded bus and head to the office. No one wants to sit at the same desk, day after day and get nowhere in their career. The only word for that is boring! It’s boring to work a role you don’t enjoy, and it can lead to depression and upset. Why live like that if you don’t have to?

If you have a hobby that you really love to do, that you spend your time thinking about when you should be concentrating on your actual job, maybe it’s time to turn that hobby into a money maker? There’s no set-in stone guide to swapping your hobby for an actual job, but it’s down to what you are passionate about. If you love to draw and you are artistic, then looking at that talent and checking what road you need to go down to become an illustrator would be a clever idea. Taking acting lessons to change that amateur theatre hobby into a long-term career option is going to make your life transform. There are so many ways you can change your hobby into a liveable career, you just have to know where to begin:

  1. Firstly? You have to know what your strengths are. You might love to sing, but sound just that little bit off tune, so singing classes can help you hone your sound so that you can start singing professionally. You have to be really honest with yourself about what you can do, because what you love may not be enough for a career. Once you’ve got a good idea about what you can do well, you can work out where to start doing it professionally.
  2. Going into a self-employed role is an option for your chosen hobby. Those who love to draw can go into a career in graphic design or illustration and doing that for yourself can be very empowering. Find the niche in the market that fits your hobby and make it work for you.
  3. Start small with whatever you choose to do. Your hobby has made you happy in your spare time and if you go too big too fast, you could end up feeling like your hobby is a chore! Whatever you do, don’t give up the day job until your hobby is profitable. There’s no use in giving up the boring, but solvent day job for an empty career to struggle with.
  4. Learn how to do what you love, better. Join classes, get qualifications. Sometimes a little piece of paper can make all the difference to serious business contracts. You may have a talent for drawing, but without a degree of sorts, you could find yourself struggling to find work.
Make your hobby a profession and you can wake up loving life for the rest of it.

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