Women Who Lead: Being A Project Manager

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Getting picked to be a project manager of an important upcoming event for the company you work for is a blessing and a burden. You have been chosen to lead a team of your peers, to enact your leadership qualities and perform micromanagement tasks while never losing sight of the bigger picture. There are all kinds of factors that you will need to keep track of, such as people, time, budget, innovations and your contacts and relationships with outside sources. With planning and preparation, you can shape your project to minimize risk and flaws, while ensuring unexpected detrimental occurrences are avoided or swiftly dealt with.

The planning stage
Before you go ahead with the idea and scheme, you will need to choose people who you believe to be the best for the roles which need to be filled. As the project manager, you need to be totally task-orientated and personify a cutthroat attitude. Emotions must play no part whatsoever in your allocation of roles and tasks; pick the best people for the job regardless of who you’re closer to personally.

Study you clients and customers who you intend to reach out to and assign the certain strengths of your teammates to those task. For example, if you’re meeting the company’s client for a sales pitch on your idea, put your best people forward by picking those who know most about figures, social media marketing, logistics, and target demographic. Your success will rely on the stakeholders feeling confident in your leadership skills and the team you have chosen. If your product is great, but the people power behind it is lackluster and fragmented, investors will not bite.

Be a fair and effective leader
Gender pay gap reports suggest that women who put themselves in a leadership role bridge the gap between their male counterparts significantly. Never pertain yourself to be a ruler, but rather a comprehensive leader. You want to serve as both an equal member of the team and the leader who wants to learn about the expertise each member brings to the table giving responsibility to the strongest members. Set realistic expectations in that regard, because overloading your team will cause the workflow to slow and tensions to rise as the stress levels increase.

Similarly, even if you’re the dominant lion in the pride, don’t overload yourself, and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. Seek to problem-solve in a transparent manner and avoid finding someone to blame as all will come out in the final board meeting anyway. However, proper planning of every eventuality means you become a pre-emptive thinker, therefore, you’ll have backup plans in place should anything become unfeasible.
Before and in the field
While is it important to get clarification of the target sell from the company, it’s more important to do the research about your client as a team. Individual customers and organizations have different market goals, and you need to identify why and how your vision will communicate to both targets. Your project will come under serious turmoil, and you will face conflict. Part of being a leader is being able to accept, that some things will be out of your hands and the only thing you can do to avoid a meltdown is to react sharply and in a methodical manner to issues which arise.


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