Can The Kitchen Of Your Dreams Be Cheaper Than You Think?

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If there’s one room in the house that we all wish we could renovate, it’s probably going to be the kitchen. Not only is it the room in the house that we spend the most time, but it’s also the heart of the home and a key part of family and social gatherings too. So, is it any surprise that we all long for the kitchen of our dreams? When you think about extending the space, adding in new workstations and appliances, it can all start to add up and seem like a distant dream. But, what if you could get that dream and it not cost half as much as you first thought?

Work With What You’ve Got
The first thing that you might need to do to make this happen is to realize that you’re going to need to be creative with the kitchen you’ve got. Yes, the ultimate dream may be to rip everything out, create more space and then start again, but that could cost thousands of dollars that you don’t have. Instead, work with the space you have. Keep the same kitchen units that you currently have, just simple paint them or change the doors and handles to create the look you’re hoping for.

Save Space
If you have a tiny kitchen and you want to give off the appearance that it’s a lot bigger than it actually is, there are a few space-saving techniques that you might want to work with here. Although you can’t change the space that you have, and you’ve agreed to keep your existing units to save money, you can create more space by adding in multifunctional islands or working with smart storage solutions.

Do It Yourself
Although it’s tempting to get professionals in to help with the renovation you have at hand, that’s just another area that you’d have to spend on. Instead, do most of the work yourself. So, don’t worry about hiring a contractor to improve your kitchen. You can get most of the design work done yourself and hire a plumbing company to sort any of your appliance hookups or water problems that you may come across.

Invest In Appliances
The main aim of the game of getting your dream kitchen is getting it for less. However, there are some areas that you might need to spend in. If you’re doing most of the design and renovation work yourself, you should have a bit of budget left over to spend on the new appliances that can make or break your space. With a gorgeous new fridge, coffee machine, or cooker, you might find that your kitchen space is completely transformed.

Focus On The Details
And now that everything is starting to come together, you’re going to want to nail those *fancy finishing touches. Because we all know it's the details that count. You can make a room look really elegant and expensive, even when it's not. So make sure you choose things like your small appliances, dining wear, and even your utility accessories wisely.


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