The Options Available for Growing Families

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When you and your partner moved in together it was probably a very exciting time. It was a statement on behalf of both of you that you were in it for the long haul. It was a statement that you were both now fully fledged adults. But during the euphoria of this time, what probably managed to slip by under the radar was the fact that you were combining the worldly belongings of two people. The worldly belongings of just one person is extensive enough, but two combined is just astronomical. And whether you thought about it or gave it precedence at the time or not, this is what happened to you when you and your other took the plunge and moved in together. Your stuff got added to his stuff. His stuff got added to your stuff. And then new stuff got added to the old stuff you’d both already accumulated. And this has probably left you with no spare left whatsoever. And this isn’t a good thing when you have a growing family on the horizon. But there are a few options to take in this instance that will help you tackle this plight of adult life.

One option you have is to make room in your current home. Now, yes, this may sound easier said than done. But when you really come to think about, if you don’t want to move out, it’s the only way. When you are expecting a growing family or are actually expecting a little bundle of joy to grace your life imminently, then you need to make room. Your home will soon be inundated with toys, stuffed animals, baby bouncers, baby rockers and the rest. So, you need to make room, whether it sounds easy or not. And one way to do this is to use self storage. When you do so you will be able to safely and securely store your worldly belongings in a space outside of your home. Therefore, room within it would instantly appear. You could use the storage on offer to store your things until space becomes available in your home once more. Or you could use the storage until you find another permanent home for it. Plus, you never know, time away from your belongings may make you realise that you don’t really need them anymore. The time apart could therefore make it easier to free up space in your home in the long run as your family goes even larger.

But making room isn’t just about hiding your worldly belongings. No, it’s about stay atop of the organisation you have already created. What good is getting your home organised and ‘growing family ready’ if it just going to revert back to the way it was? You must seek to remain organised even when your baby has arrived, and there are a few ways to do so. One way is to ensure all of your baby’s things are separated from all the adult things in your home. And you should start with your closet. Within your closet you should establish a section that is dedicated for your baby. You should do this to ensure that that their clothes don’t get muddled within you clothes. Remember, you baby’s clothes are a lot smaller than yours and your partner’s; therefore, they can get lost within them easily. And then, when you rummage through your clothes to find them you make a mess of your home again. Especially if your are in a rush to, say, get your baby to their playgroup or nursery. Similarly, you can’t stop your children from playing with toys, but you can stop the toys from remaining scattered about your home when they are not being played with. Baby’s belongings may be adorable — but they aren’t when they overtake your home. So you need to keep them organised just as much as you keep your own belongings organised. You can’t have Baby’s toys become your new carpet. They should be cleared away each and every time they have been played with. And, whilst this is a good way to keep your home organised, it’s also a good way to teach your child about responsibility too. When they know from a young age that they have to clean up their mess it will be easier for them to understand that this is what has to happen when they are older. So, the moral is is that it is just as important to keep your home organised as it is to get it organised in the first place.

Or you could just move out. Upsizing, whether you’ve considered it or not, is always on the cards. But when you do, you need to choose the home you upsize into carefully. You need to take a number of things into consideration. And something that should be given great precedence in these considerations is choosing a place that will afford your family room to grow. You need to choose a place that caters to how many children you are in fact planning to have in the long run. You need to ensure that the home has enough rooms to fit all of your plans. You need to ensure it has an empty space available for you to turn it into a *nursery, if you do in fact want one. Basically, you need to bare the future in mind just as much as you bare the present in mind. If you don’t, then you’ll just continue to face the same problems every time your family extends itself a little bit further.

Whether you decide to make room in your current home or move to a bigger home, you have to ensure you keep one on the future. If you do decide to stay where you are, it’s not about making room, it’s about maintaining the space you've freed up. And if you do move, it’s imperative that you think about how the new home will cater to your growing family in the future.


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