Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Servicing Your Car Yearly

When you have kids the thought my car breaking down is enough to make me cry. Without a car for us everything stops so it's more important than ever with a kid to get our car serviced yearly. If you don't do this already here are my top 5 reasons why you SHOULD get your car serviced yearly.

1. Keeps Your Car In Reasonable Condition
It's plain and simple really, cars need to be serviced so maintenance is required to keep them in good working order. Sometimes its the simple things we often forget about that needs changing / filling up yearly like the oil and filters replaced. Servicing will prolong the engines longevity and the overall life span of your car. Lets be honest you don't really want to be changing your car frequently because it's breaking down.

2. Safety 
We often forget how dangerous cars are and we often forget to check our car tyres even so we could be below the car tread limit and not realise. Your break pads maybe wearing thin so either it needs changing straight away or soon.

3. Save Money
Having your car serviced yearly can save you money in the long term. You can visit places such as *Fife Autocentre for car servicing in Stirling for their fixed price car servicing can save you a few pennies. They offer differing levels of car servicing dependant upon your mileage you do in a year and your vehicle.

4. Peace Of Mind
Knowing your car is looking after it certainly gives you piece of mind that you are possibly at lower risk of breaking down. There is nothing worse than breaking down with kids in the car.

5. Protects Your Car Value
Car are probably the second most expensive purchase you will make with a house being the obvious first. Therefore it is important to protect your investment by looking after your car both inside and out. If it's got a full service history it will certainly sell a lot easier as this is one of the things most people look for.  

If you don't already service yearly has this changed your mind?


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