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So you want to be a writer? Or you’re at least thinking about it. When you’re a creative person, you can often find that you’re attracted to more creative careers than you are anything practical or that requires you to use the left side of your brain. As writing is another of those key creative careers that can be quite popular, it may be something that you’ve always dreamt of doing. But being a writer can come in different shapes and sizes. So if you are considering a creative career, these five writing careers are always strong contenders.

First of all, one writing career that you may want to consider is being a blogger. With the way that the world is changing, a lot of writing is now carried out online. Being a blogger can provide you with an interesting career. Not only can your blog lead you on to other things, but it can give you a platform to write on and also earn you money in the long run too if you want to monetize it.

If you’re interested in a wide range of writing, you may enjoy a career as a copywriter. Copywriters are often required to write the text for adverts, web pages, sales brochures and more. Copy is often for businesses but can come in a range of different styles, for different industries. So, you may find that you want to specialize in a topic as a copywriter, like finance. Or be a general copywriter that covers off a wide range of content.

You may also want to consider becoming an editor. You may need to have a bit of experience as a writer before you go on to this career, but life as an editor can be rewarding and a lot of fun. If you are a writer and you want to brush up on your editing skills, you may find that different writing courses can ensure you have the right editing and proofreading skills. Then, you could consider a career as a publishing editor for books, or a magazine or newspaper editor.

If your passion has always been for creative writing and you’ve always wanted to write your own novels, you may want to think about becoming an author. Although this career is quite different to the rest, it can definitely be something that you can break into if you really want to. You will need to write your story and get an agent, then look at getting your publishing deal.

Then, you also have the classic option of going into journalism. If you love to write about the world, real life, or a particular topic, being a journalist can be a great career choice. There is a range of ways that you can break into journalism, whether you’ve been to journalism school or not. As long as you can write, you can get the experience, and you’re willing to work hard, you can build a career as a successful journalist.


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