PARENTING - What I Feed My Toddler (Part 1)

Meal times are often a headache in our household as I never know what to cook but somehow I manage to throw together different variations. I try and go for a varied diet for my 18 month old toddler so she gets a bit of everything along with trying new things. Often I am looking on Instagram for ideas as I prefer cooking meals for everyone rather than just her to make things easier.

I will be starting a series sharing what I am feeding the little one since these photos seem to be popular on my Instagram.

I tend to give her a bowl of fruit at the end depending on what's in season and that always goes down well.

1. Stir fry udon noodles with veg and home made fish pattie.
2. Avocado Sushi
3. Omelette with cheese, tomato and peas
4. Steamed salmon with pak choi, few pieces of chicken and balls of rice

Where do you get your meal inspiration from?

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