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Sports luxe is a popular trend that reappears season after season. Somewhere in the 00s with the end of the Spice Girls, wearing sportswear for anything other than the gym became a big fashion no-no, but that’s all changed. As one of fashion’s more comfortable trends, it’s no wonder that it’s so popular, but how can you pull it off if you’re not particularly sporty? Fear no more, as you can rock the look with the best of them following the advice below.
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Sportswear doesn’t have to be activewear

There’s quite a difference between sportswear and activewear and being able to make the distinction between the two will make you feel far more comfortable trying out the trend. Activewear tends to be more performance-based, is supportive and will use dri-fit material or something similar to keep you cool while exercising. Sportswear meanwhile is fashion-based, which makes it great for non-sporty types.

Be subtle

If the thought of dressing head-to-toe in sportswear fills you with dread, you’re not alone. Many people are embracing the trend by picking one or two items and mixing them with other trends or with wardrobe basics to create a more subtle version of the look. Try wearing a sporty t-shirt with your favourite jeans or shorts and take it from there. If you wear logo and slogan t-shirts anyway, this won’t be far out of your comfort zone.

Use it to tone down a dressy outfit

Love getting dressed up but hate feeling overdressed? That’s where sports luxe can really help you. Vogue recommends a cool bomber jacket worn over a sequin dress or a pair of trainers instead of heels keeps the look glamorous but very cool at the same time. Bright shades are great if you want to make a statement, or you can opt for something darker if you want to keep the look muted.

Go footwear only

If you’d prefer not to go down the full sporty look, why not try footwear only? As one of the most comfortable ways to wear the trend, a pair of cool Adidas Originals (see theiconic.com.au for great styles) worn with some denim or a sundress is perfect and can ease you into the trend without going overboard. If you love to travel, then you’ll appreciate this look as you walk miles and miles exploring different cities, and is a trend you’ll find in street style wherever you go.

Embrace sporty swimwear

If you haven’t worn sporty swimwear since your teens, now could be the time to give it a try. There are loads of great sports luxe swimwear styles that are ideal for the beach or the pool. From one pieces to bikinis and cool cut-out details, sports brands are certainly up there showcasing the season’s hottest swimwear.

Sports luxe is a fun trend to try out and is super comfortable too. Some items can lean on the more expensive side, but it is possible to pick up some designer pieces for less. Embrace the sports luxe this season and learn why it’s become such a popular fashion trend.


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