TRAVEL - Spain Should Be Your Next Family Holiday Destination

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Spain is a wonderful location for a holiday. There you will find beautiful beaches, majestic mountain, and huge national parks with all the space and nature you could want. Then there is the excellent wine and wonderful food including paella and tapas to sample. Out that all together and it really does all make for the perfect family holiday location. But whereabouts exactly should you go, and what sort of things should you do when you get there? Well, read on to find out.

Enjoy a mountain retreat in Andalusia
If a stay up high with wonderful views all around you is your sort of thing then why not arrange some accommodation in one of the towns dotted around Andalusia? There are plenty of hotels that cater to holidaymakers, but it may be easier if you have a family to rent a house or apartment from companies like Competa Property. Then you don't have to worry about the kids being too noisy, and you also have the option to cook if you want to keep the price of the trip down, or in case the kids are fussy eaters.

There is plenty to do in the glorious sunshine that you can extract in the is part of Spain as well. Activities for the adventurous include trail biking and pony trekking. Both great ways to truly experience the beautiful surroundings.

Then for the folks that are looking for a more sedate stay, there are a few great restaurants like El Pilon and La Taperia that you can sit in, nibbling on Spanish delicacies and watching the world go by.

Bask in the sun in the Costa del Sol
Of course, Spain is known for its wonderfully hot weather. So it's the perfect place for sun worshipper to take a break. In particular, it’s the beach resorts of the south coast such as Costa del Sol or Sunshine Coast as it translates to that attract many holidaymakers. Largely because the sea is blue and warm and there are plenty of sandy beaches on which to relax.
Beach holidays in Spain can work so well for families because apart from the initial outlay to get there, they can be relatively cheap when you have arrived at your destination. This is because both parents and kids are happy to spend the majority of their day on the sand. The kids building sandcastles and splashing about in the water, and the parents dividing their time between keeping an eye on the little ones and catching some rays themselves.

Of course, there are other things to do in these locations as well, and you will find that popular beach destination such as Costa del Sol has many different activities such as see the dolphins at Selwo Marina. Or catching a show at Tivoli World to keep you entertained while you are there.

Experience urban chic in Valencia
Perhaps a less well known holiday destination in Spain for the family of the beautiful city of Valencia. Being on the South East coast, you can still expect excellent weather and beaches but also combined with a chic urban vibe, suitable for a younger hip couples with kids.
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Take some time to explore the City of Arts and Sciences while you're there. As there you can experience an IMAX cinema, something that the kids and the grownups will love.

Or why not have on over the Valencia Bioparc? It's an amazing zoo where the focus is giving the residents habitats that are as similar to their natural one as possible. There you can check out silverback gorillas, giraffes, and real life elephants! There are also playgrounds, shows,  restaurants, and gift shops to complete your trip. So it's a definite must on the list for anyone in the area with a family.

Also for the true hipster parents don't forget to pop along to Ruzafa District. There you will find things a little more authentically Spanish, with plenty of book shops, art stores and restaurants to give you a true experience of being immersed in the Spanish culture.

You can even get a little red wine with your breakfast, just like the Spanish do if the feeling so takes you. Although if the kids are champing at the bit to get on and do something fun, it might not be as mañana mañana as you'd like, despite the chilled out surroundings.
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Soak up some city culture in Barcelona
If you are taking a trip to Spain and you are anywhere near the fabulous city of Barcelona is definitely a place worth visiting, even if you choose to do so just for a day.

This is in large part because it's one of those rare cities that are not only jammed pack with amazing cultural experience to appreciate, but is also on the coast as well. That means there's so much to choose from that you are bound to find something that will entertain the whole family.
Obviously there in the organic looking art deco architecture design by Gaudi, the pinnacle of which is the Sagrada Família church. A church that isn't quite like any on there on this earth. Although it can be a good idea to take the kids along to Tibidabo Amusement Park as well, as they might not appreciate the architecture quite as much as you do. There you will find lot so exciting rides, with a fairground feel, along with some pretty amazing views across the whole city. Not bad for a theme park in such an urban location.
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Then for the explorers among you, try a visit to spectacular Montserrat. No, not the country, but the mountain in Spain that is the location of an old monastery. Somewhere you can climb to and explore.

Also, remember that Getting accommodation right in Barcelona is going to be the key to ensuring that you break the world for the whole family. Unfortunately, that means that the super cheap option of youth hostels is largely out. Instead for short stays consider a hotel or B&B, and for longer ones renting a full property is probably a better choice.


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