A Sanctuary Away From The World

When you return home from work, what is it that you want to feel? People spend a lot of time on how a home should look, or even smell, and these things certainly have their place. But the most important aspect of any home is what it does to you emotionally, psychologically. After a long, hard day, you probably want to feel relaxed, de-stressed, a million miles away from the troubles of the world. But how often do you really feel that when you step through your front door? If you think your home could probably do with being a bit more of a sanctuary, then read on.

Plants: More Than Just Decoration
There is a long and proud tradition in interior design of bringing nature inside the home. This simple act is often enormously transformative; with the introduction of a little natural element, a home can often suddenly seem brighter, cleaner, fresher. But it also has an effect on how you feel. If you are keen to make your home feel a little more relaxed, then you might want to think about introducing one or two houseplants into each room. You really can’t go overboard with this one, so don’t hesitate. The best plants are succulents, cacti - things that don’t need much attention in order to thrive and survive. Studies show that plants encourage a more positive attitude towards the indoor environment - and they also act as natural air filters, which in turn enhances your mood.

Treating Yourself Like A Hotel Guest
It’s no secret that being pampered and living in luxury are hugely effective ways of remaining calm and relaxed. But how set up is your home to actually make this fantasy a reality? Despite what you might think, it doesn’t take all that much to make yourself feel like a hotel guest in your own home. The trick here is in paying attention to details. Don’t just go for any old bed linen; choose hotel-quality Richard Haworth linen. Don’t just install a bath; install a deep one which you can genuinely soak in. Treat yourself to the best Egyptian cotton towels, throw away the old ones. The more you focus on these details, the more pampered you will feel in your own home, and the more like a sanctuary it will seem.


Conscious Lighting Choices
Most people put very little effort into choosing their home lighting. But every study ever undertaken on the subject shows that lighting has a direct and often powerful effect on mood. Clearly, if you want to feel like you are in a relaxed, stress-free environment, you will need to make some clever and conscious choices about what lighting to use in your home. Generally, you should aim to let in as much natural light as possible, as sunlight is hugely important for maintaining a positive emotional and psychological outlook. But where you do need to install artificial lights, ensure that they mimic the sun as closely as possible. This means yellow, rather than bright white fluorescent, lights. You’ll find it makes a world of difference as you step into your home, your sanctuary.

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