PARENTING - Clothes Shopping For Your Toddler On A Budget

With the little one about to start nursery it just occurred to me we don't actually have enough clothes. Yup thats right because I only generally buy what we need but the nursery shopping list is saying we should have at least 4 outfits in her bag daily. She may not get through them all obviously but that is just for 1 day so you can imagine if I don't keep up with washing what will happen....

Like all other mums I am on a tight budget so what better way to shop than *Love The Sales. I set myself a £45 budget to see what I can pick up, basically get the most out of my pennies! I done well with the help of Love The Sales - the website is an e-commerce aggregator that allows us to shop all the sale items from multiple brands and retailers in one place!!! How amazing is that so no longer I will need to waste time thinking of all the online shops and spending hours going through pages to see what's in the sales.

Here is what I picked up:

1. LadyBird Baby Girls Blue Tunic & Pink Leggings Set (2 piece) £8
2. Mini V By Very Girls Fashion Embroided Blue Sweat Top £4.50
3. Mini V By Very Girls Floral & Marl Joggers (2 pack) £5.50
4. Mini V By Very Girls Pink Cardigan £5.75
5. Mini V By Very Girls Cream Cardigan £6.25
6. LadyBird Baby Girls Floral Tunic, Bib and Yellow Leggings Set £7.25
7. LadyBird Baby Girls Bunny Bandana Bib, T-Shirt and Leggings Set £7.25

I have listed the sale price but looking at the full price of all 7 items I have managed to save myself £40.50 thanks to Love The Sales!


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