Southampton WestQuay LUSH Opening Party

A few weeks ago I was invited to the opening of our new Lush store in Southampton West Quay!  The store use to be just outside of West Quay and it closed early 6pm but now in West Quay it's opened until 8pm so I can take my time browsing after work. Our local Lush team are fab, I have been attending their events since 2014! You can read all the posts here: 
There were a number of new products being released that evening so I was excited to see what was on offer. On arrival we were greeted with our very own name tags and a nice drink while we browsed around...how pretty are these name tags! The store was buzzing with various guests including the very own Mark Constantine Lush founder.
I spent the evening looking for all the new products and I made my very own Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb! I had no idea all the bath bombs are all handmade, they are easy enough to make but if you think how many you need to make in order to keep all the shops stocked up it's pretty epic.
These 2 were my favourite releases Jelly Bath bomb and face masks which you don't need to keep in the fridge. I picked up a huge Green Coconut Jelly Bath Bomb which I am saving to use this week when I am childfree so I can really relax in the bath along with the Bunny Moon face mask. I actually got a demo testing this on my hand in store and I noticed the difference in my skin texture immediately so I quickly popped one in my basket. I have since used it a few times and I absolutely love it!
The rest of the store is absolutely beautiful and it's SO big compared to the old shop.
The guys are always incredibly generous and we all left with a wonderful "knot wrap" hamper with various goodies inside. I obviously couldn't resist and picked up 3 items myself as a treat. I always find my Lush goodies are the best air freshener in your home especially the classic Creamy Candy bubble bar.
These are the new Hot Oil Hair Treatments which seem to be very popular amongst bloggers from watching everyone's Instagram stories. I will be sharing mini clips as I use each item so don't forget to give me a follow here - OneSliceOfLemon Instagram
Have you tried any of the newly released items if not what will you be picking up?
PS - A big Thank You to the Southampton Lush team for another brilliant evening!


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